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Elaine Crombie set to bring the house down with Aboriginal Comedy All Stars

Joseph Guenzler -

Pitjantjatjara, Warrigmal and South Sea Islander woman Elaine Crombie is set to make her appearance with the Aboriginal Comedy Stars this season in Naarm (Melbourne) and Meanjin (Brisbane) with a number of her esteemed and hilarious co-stars.

Ms Crombie is a singer, songwriter, actor, director, writer and stand-up comedian who has performed nationally and internationally for more than two decades.

She got her comedic break after making the finals on Deadly Funny in 2018 with her everyday-woman attitude, having a laugh at herself and loved ones.

"I'm a storyteller comedian. I'm just up there having a yarn and just complaining about my kids," she said.

"I did the heat spot Deadly Funny in Melbourne and got to the final, I felt like I was achieving what I know I can in regards to stand up."

Standing alongside the comedic talents of Andy Saunders, Janty Blair, Jay Wymarra, Kevin Kropinyeri, and Sean Choolburra, the lineup promises unforgettable nights of laughter and storytelling.

On her co-stars, Ms Crombie has been fortunate enough to have known a number of them for years, already having built relationships to which she calls them family.

"I've known Kevin for a lot of years, personally, and Sean's known me all of my life and has known my mum," she said.

"And so it's very much a family dynamic.

"But also, we all very clearly are aware that we're here for each other but here to work on our craft as well."

Ms Crombie's style is relatable and resonates with everyone.

Though, she get's a kick when she visits a spot where she knows the mob will show up and give their undying support for her.

"I think the thing we have as a collective in Aboriginal Comedy All Stars is that the mob is going to flock if we're in town," she said.

"Having mob in that crowd that know you're jokes, it's going to be 100% supportive."

That doesn't mean crowds don't have their differences though.

"Melbourne versus Brisbane, I don't know, it's colder down there," she said.

"They might not be able to have access to laughter straight away because they're so cold."

Under the direction and production of Wes Snelling alongside assistant producer Kylan Ambrum, Ms Crombie is very proud of how far everyone has come.

"For Kai (Kylan), I just see the sky as the limit for that lad to be a huge comedy producer," she said.

Reflecting on her time as a fan, she knew she wanted to be on the stage, to at least give it a go and see where the road takes her.

"I'd seen Aboriginal comedy all stars at Adelaide Fringe and just saw the way Andy, and Steph Tisdell, and Kevin, and Sean, how they were on stage, and what they were doing, the whole art of stand up," she said.

"And there was something inside of me that was like, you can do that."

Ms Crombie urges anyone, especially Indigenous people to give comedy a try and sign up for Deadly Funny, giving them credit for many of the blak comedians we know and love today.

"Deadly funny can't take credit for every single comic, but they can definitely take credit for the majority of fellas that are out here now," she said.

Ms Crombir will perform at both the Melbourne Comedy Festival, which is being held from 27 March to 21 April, and the Brisbane Comedy Festival from May 2 to May 5.


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