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Aurora welcomes three new directors

Joseph Guenzler -

The Aurora Education Foundation (Aurora) is enhancing its strategic leadership with the addition of Yuin man Tim Goodwin, Sharon Davis from the Bardi and Kija peoples, and finance expert Evan Leslie.

The three new directors aim to support Aurora in realising its vision of "empowering Indigneous people to shape their aspirations through education and lifelong learning".

The extensive experience of Mr Goodwin and Mx Davis with Aurora includes participation in the organisation's Scholarships and Study Tour programs.

Mx Davis, with a background as the Director of Education at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS), brings a commitment to social justice.

Their goal is to influence the paths of future Indigenous leaders, inspired by the positive impact Aurora has had on their own journeys.

"I never saw myself going to university, let alone the University of Oxford," they said.

"The connections to mob I made through the Aurora Study Tour helped me to not only see myself at Oxford, but also sustained me while I was so far from home.

"I am looking forward to contributing to other First Nations students journeys in the same way."

Joining them Mr Leslie, a non-Indigenous finance specialist with more than 25 years of experience in private equity capital raising, investor relations and corporate strategy.

During his career, he has worked closely with various Local Aboriginal Land Councils to deliver social and affordable housing to First Nations communities.

"This experience taught me that progress towards equality for First Nations peoples must be based on self-determination and must be delivered through local programs focusing on meaningful generational change," Mr Leslie said.

"So, when you are lucky enough to see the positive impact that Aurora's programs can have on both an individual's life and their broader community, it's incredibly inspiring, and something which I am very honoured to contribute my energies towards."

Chair of the Board, Nyikina man Charles Prouse, said the new appointments will elevate Aurora's governance, and bring new insights and energy to Aurora's strategic priorities.

"I am excited to welcome Tim, Sharon and Evan to Aurora. Their personal life experiences and professional national and global experiences adds further diversity to the board," he said.

"I am confident they will help to bolster our impact at Aurora and support the team as we continue to deliver on our 2023-2027 Strategic Plan.

"Their commitment to creating a future where First Nations kids can thrive in whatever path they choose will benefit the Aurora, our partners, our Community and most importantly, First Nations people in their education journey."

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