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Yothu Yindi kids star at international robotics championship

Giovanni Torre -

Children from Dhupuma Barker College went all the way to the finals of the VEX International School Robotics Championships in Dallas recently, matching it with the world's best young robotics stars.

The College is part of a Yothu Yindi Foundation education hub in the community, and plans are in place for a secondary school and tertiary / vocational training facility to join it.

The Foundation aims to create educational and employment pathways that will see Yolngu people working in tech, robotics, the space industry and related sectors in the future - and other fields as well.

Yothu Yindi Foundation chief executive Denise Bowden it was "an immense privilege and joy to see the students approach the competition with such confidence, and that speaks to the success of the school more broadly and our partnership with Barker".

"There are so many proud families back in the Gunyangara community right now willing them on, and the kids know that and are feeding off that encouragement," she said.

"We'd love to see Dhupuma Barker competing in this tournament annually - the Firebirds have shown they can mix it with the best and it's an incredible experience for them in many ways."

Barker College head Phillip Heath said the College is "incredibly proud to partner with YYF and through this partnership to show to the world that remote does not equal disadvantage in capacity".

"The robotics is showing that given opportunities, Yolngu kids can do extraordinary things at a world level and not be out of place," he said.

"I'd like to express my thanks to the families that have entrusted us with their children to travel all the way to Dallas to compete with the world."

Yothu Yindi Foundation met with NASA, particularly in light of the new Arnhem Space Centre, and Apple representatives while in the United States to further strengthen STEM ties and opportunities.

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