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House of Darwin collaborate with First Nations artist Tiger Yaltangki

Phoebe Blogg -

Known for their collaboration collections which fuse culture, storytelling and fashion, social enterprise and fashion brand House of Darwin launched another new collection this month.

The collaboration collection sees House of Darwin join forces with Tiger Yaltangki - a talented artist hailing from the Yankunytjatjara community in Indulkana.

Representing a mesmerising blend of storytelling and artistic expression, transcending verbal communication to convey profound narratives through visual artistry, the creations featured within this collection are as unique as the artist himself.

First Nations artist Tiger Yaltangki wearing the new collection. (Image: supplied)

Being a predominately non-verbal communicator, Yaltangki's artwork serves as a profound reflection of his inner world, shared graciously through his work and creations at the Iwantja Art Centre.

Yaltangki's creations speak volumes about his experiences, culture, and inspirations both as an individual and an artist. Through this collaboration, House of Darwin aims to celebrate Yaltangki's unique talent and perspective, amplifying his voice on and through a global platform.

"House of Darwin is honoured to collaborate with Tiger Yaltangki, and together, we look forward to sharing his vibrant artistry with the world," said the House of Darwin team.

First Nations artist Tiger Yaltangki. (Image: supplied)

Heavily inspired by his profound love for music, the talented artist strives to fuse his artistic creations with vibrant energy, drawing from a diverse playlist ranging from Creedence to local desert reggae. AC/DC's electrifying hard rock also serves as a constant muse, as reflected within his work through iconic imagery and a reverence for electric guitars.

Combining elements of Anangu belief in 'Mamu' with influences from sci-fi films and television series like Doctor Who and The Mighty Boosh, Yaltangki's also likes to intricately weave a whimsical visual narrative throughout his work – further celebrating the myriad influences shaping his world.

First Nations artist Tiger Yaltangki. (Image: supplied)

Behind the scenes of the House of Darwin X Tiger Yaltangki collection photoshoot. (Image: supplied)

Featuring only the most engaging button-up T-Shirts, this collaboration is not just about showcasing Yaltangki's artwork; it's a celebration of his journey, his culture, and his endless creativity.

The new collection is now available to purchase online via the House of Darwin website.

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