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"There's a war coming": No campaigner claims Uluru statement supporters want their own military

Dechlan Brennan -

An Indigenous woman and No campaigner who has links to Nyunggai Warren Mundine's Recognise a Better Way group has told a fringe podcast the creation of Treaties in Australia would result in the United Nations taking peoples' land, and that the Yes campaign want their own military.

Narungga campaigner Kerry White, who was the One Nation candidate for the South Australian seat of Gray in the 2022 election, told the ExCandiates podcast that she was a definite no voter, stating - without evidence - that "mob" had committed fraud when "they got the Elders to sign their name to a blank piece of paper and then added the Uluru statement after."

"When the Elders up there said 'no,' they didn't agree to that, and they go, 'yes, you did because you saw in the paper, well it says signature.' So, what are they going to do?"

"What they're going to do if they bring this voice in; they're going to push for treaty … once they do that, then the United Nations comes in, all the land that's under native title now, that goes to the United Nations, it belongs all to the United Nations," she asserted.

Ms White is credited as an Narungga Elder and Recognise a Better Way committee member on the show, where she has appeared on at least two occasions.

She told the podcast that both Anthony Albanese and Yes23 campaigner Thomas Mayo were communists, "bringing in political correctness and multiculturalism" before stating they wanted to bring in "their own freaking military."

"There's a war coming, and you need to choose a side," she said

In the interview she also attacked Mr Mayo and Professor Marcia Langton AO, labelling them "cronies," before launching into an unsubstantiated attack on the founding's of the Voice.

"They had twelve of them (meetings) around Australia. Their little hate filled meetings against the white people and the government, and then 25 of those pages were the dictating what they want," she said.

"In there it says that they are not going to be an advisory body because it's not powerful enough and that they're not going to accept it being legislated because it's not powerful enough and can be written out anytime."

The Voice to Parliament is an advisory body that will advise the government on issues impacting Indigenous Australians. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has previously labeled it a "modest" proposal and former High Court Justices, as well as the solicitor-general, have said it's legally sound.

Misinformation has been rife during the referendum campaign, with the Prime Minister saying there was a "lot of disinformation out there … about the world conspiracies of the United Nations will control all land in Australia … It's just absurd."

First Peoples' Assembly of Victoria Co-Chair and Gunditjmara man, Reuben Berg, told National Indigenous Times on Wednesday, "to try and deal with so much misinformation and disinformation…it's really quite overwhelming at times for our community".

Ms White previously told the podcast in December that if the referendum were to succeed, "Aboriginal people will be running this country, and all the white people here will be paying to live here".

This was followed by comments made at an event in June where she labelled the Stolen Generation as a "mistruth."

She told the podcast hosts - former One Nation candidates - Adam Zahra and Steven Tripp - that many of the women who were taken to missions during the Stolen Generation, did so "voluntarily."

"Because women were not treated the same in the mob, right. They were just used and abused…As for children dying, they used to kill the children off," she said.

In response to the hosts asking Ms White what Aboriginal culture was like before colonisation, Ms White said it was "not peaceful."

"Children were left to cry. They weren't hugged or cuddled or anything because they had to be fighting men. You have a look at today's society. They're mollycoddled so much that they have mental health issues if the slightest little thing goes wrong," she said.

She also attacked former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for his apology to the Stolen Generation, academics for not living in community and Bruce Pascoe, before launching into an unsubstantiated attack on the United Nations.

Ms White is listed as a committee member of Recognise a Better Way on its website.

She is joined by former Labor MP Gary Johns; who has used his platform during the debate to argue for a "very, very heavy cultural intervention" by removing children from Aboriginal communities, former deputy prime minister John Anderson, and Noongar woman Janetia Knap.


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