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"There's a war coming": No campaigner claims Uluru statement supporters want their own military
An Indigenous woman and No campaigner who has links to Nyunggai Warren Mundine’s...
Dechlan Brennan 13 Oct 2023
Anti-Voice campaigner says Indigenous people have “learned to complain” and have a “victim mindset"
The No campaign has been hit with further accusations of racism, after unearthed...
Dechlan Brennan 22 Sep 2023
Treaties, changing Australia Day on the cards if the No vote wins: Mundine
Leading No campaigner Nyunggai Warren Mundine has put himself at odds with many...
Dechlan Brennan 18 Sep 2023
Jacinta Price "agrees" with Gary Johns that Indigenous children need to learn English
Country Liberal senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has fallen short of condemning...
Dechlan Brennan 5 Sep 2023
Speakers denigrate Indigenous culture at anti-Voice conference
The CPAC Australia conference, which was dominated by opposition to the Indigeno...
Giovanni Torre 22 Aug 2023
Anti-Voice campaigner condemned for "blood will have to be measured" view on Aboriginal identity

Calls by one prominent anti-Voice campaigner for blood tests to determine people...

Giovanni Torre Jul 27, 2023
Anti-Voice campaigner describes colonialism as a "gift" to Aboriginal people

A prominent anti-Voice campaigner has described colonialism as a “gift” to Abori...

Giovanni Torre Jul 19, 2023
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