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Uluru Youth Dialogue Declaration appoint Youth Ambassadors

Jess Whaler -

A group of young advocates for the Uluru Statement of the Heart gathered in Brisbane (Meanjin) over the weekend to announce the Uluru Youth Dialogue Declaration.

The collective of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, who represent many communities across the country, gathered together as the Uluru Youth Dialogue and announced their Youth Ambassadors.

In the coming months the Ambassadors will be campaign, advocating for a First Nations Voice to Parliament.

Along with the announcement of Ambassadors, the group released a Call-to-Action which has taken the form of the Uluru Youth Dialogue Declaration.

Uluru Youth Dialogue co-chair and proud Wiradjuri woman Bridgette Cama said: "The Uluru Youth Dialogue Declaration is a clear statement of the aspirations of First Nations young people to take our rightful place in history."

"It's a call from First Nations youth: Hear us. Know us. Walk with us," she said.

"This is our future on the line; it is us who will benefit most from a Yes result, but we will be greatly impacted if the referendum doesn't succeed. It's about our futures and those of our kids and the generations after that."

Fellow co-chair of the Uluru Youth Dialogue, Cobble Cobble woman Alira Davis, said: "We are excited that our Uluru Youth Dialogue, as the leading and only youth-led campaign, will be at the forefront of this referendum working alongside the senior leaders of the Uluru Dialogue."

"We are now armed with the skills, resources and information we need to speak to all Australians, we hope they'll hear us. The Statement calls for real and lasting structural change to reshape the relationship between First Peoples and all other Australians.

"It lays a path forward to improved outcomes for First Nations communities through self-determination, for structural reform to give First Nations Peoples a greater say and authority over laws and decisions that affect them."

The Uluru Youth Dialogue Declaration states: "We are the only youth-led campaign working for youth towards a successful referendum. A key part of our work is engaging with our communities and informing the Australian public about what the Voice is, and what it will mean for First Nations youth."

In a statement, the Youth Dialogue noted polling indicated strong support (up to 83 per cent) for the Voice proposal among Indigenous people, and also (73 per cent) among young voters.

"These statistics are important. They paint a picture of a media debate that has shut out young people and their voices. Especially the voices of First Nations young people. It is our future. Young people are crucial to this movement," the Dialogue said.

The Youth Dialogue aims to urge Australians to learn more about the Voice, and described it as a call to action from a historical consensus of First Nations peoples and a grassroots people's movement.

Uluru Youth Dialogue Youth Ambassadors;

Alisha Agland - NSW, Allira Davis - QLD, Bianca Graham - WA, Bridget Cama - NSW, Brydie Zorz - NSW, Dwayne Coulthard - SA, Dylan Booth - NSW, Gail Brennan - NSW, Joel Murgh - QLD, Quentin Turner - WA, Kacey Teerman - VIC, Riley Dolman - WA, Sonjah Stewart - QLD, Natakka Alberts - QLD, Kishaya Delaney - NSW, Tiarnee Schafer - NSW, Jade Gould - QLD, Eliza Salvatori - NSW, Josh Devine - VIC, Arrin Hazelbane - SA, Jacinta Lyall - QLD, Ashum Owen - SA, Leeonie Thompson - QLD, Rikisha Phineasa - QLD, Sophie Coffin - WA, James Blackwell - ACT, Neane Carter - VIC, Tyson McEwan - WA.

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