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Taylah Gray to take the stage at TEDxSydney

Shahna Smith -

Inspirational leader, lawyer and outspoken advocate, Taylah Gray is a woman that is paving change for the future.

Ms Gray will take the stage in Sydney on Wednesday at the Youth TedX seminar to use her grace, passion and talents to educate the audience on Native Title.

At just 26 years old, Ms Gray's grit and determination has placed herself in the position of becoming a national voice for the Indigenous community, whilst gravitating towards inspiring youth.

When asked what advice she would give to other young Indigenous youth when they are wanting to pursue a career, Ms Gray left Style Up with goosebumps with her heart-warming response.

"Regardless if it is a career in law, football or anything else, I have found myself in rooms with people that have been older in age, had job titles like shadow ministers, and one thing I teach youth is to always have confidence in every single room you walk into," she said.

Inspirational leader, lawyer and outspoken advocate will speak at the TEDxSydney event on Wednesday. (Image: supplied)

"Lead with your heart, always have confidence with every single room you walk into, because you're supposed to be there.

"Your ancestors put you there for a reason so always walk with purpose and speak your truth.

"You're supposed to be in every single room that you end up in."

At Ms Gray's TedX presentation she will discuss what Native Title is compared to the common misconceptions, providing historical education about the deep, pure and beautiful relationship between the Aboriginal people and the land and shed positive light on what Native Title brings to the community.

''I want to reassure you that when Aboriginal people get Native Title, the outcome is that we have a legal recognition of land and to be able to use that land, that's it," Ms Gray said.

Ms Gray is a passionate Native Title rights advocate. (Image: Paul Szumilas)

"We just want to be able to nurture her and take the best possible care of her (Mother Nature)."

Ms Gray explained to Style Up she feels confident for the future as the youth she continues to connect with develops their own sense of empowerment that will also pave change for years to come.

Ms Gray said there is one simple way for non-Australians to support the Indigenous community and support reconciliation in a meaningful way, and that is to just simply listen.

With her infectious personality and passion, Ms Gray is one to watch as she continues to be a force to be reckoned with.

Her Youth TedX Seminar is being held on Wednesday 24 May, with tickets available to be purchased directly from TEDxSydney.


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