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Shooting Stars set to amplify influence after partnering with Newmount

Rhiannon Clarke -

Indigenous women's and girls empowerment initiative, Shooting Stars has announced a significant collaborative partnership with gold miner Newmont.

The multi-national gold miner, which began operating in Australia in 2002 is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and fostering meaningful connections with Indigenous Newmont.

Through their support, Shooting Stars will be able to expand their impact beyond the Narrogin site, located in Western Australia's wheatbelt region, and establish it as the Southern Hub, extending their reach to schools including Wagin, Boddington, Pingelly, and Brookton.

This partnership marks a new chapter of growth and empowerment for both organisations, with Shooting Stars granting chances to 100 young Aboriginal women from these regions to participate in Shooting Stars' culturally sensitive and location-specific program whislt also fostering their familiarity with Narrogin Senior High School.

The program will effectively facilitate their transition into higher education.

Additionally, the partnership will bolster participant's understanding of various career paths and industries and open up avenues for education-to-employment pathways for Shooting Stars students at Newmont Boddington.

Newmont's significant contribution as a key supporter of Shooting Stars on Gnaala Karla Booja will result in the implementation of this groundbreaking initiative.

By enlisting more Aboriginal role models, Shooting Stars will be able to extend their support and guidance to young Aboriginal women in the area, empowering them to pursue their educational aspirations.

The collaboration, which has been established over the previous two years will aid in fulfilling the obligations and commitments related to secondary education involvement and relationships as outlined in Newmont's Moorditj Booja Community Partnership Agreement and Reconciliation Action Plan.

The official launch of this partnership took place during the recent Narrogin Shooting Stars Awards Night.

Latoya Bolton-Black, the Acting Executive Officer of Shooting Stars, emphasised the profound influence that Newmont's partnership will have on the educational experiences of Aboriginal girls residing in Gnaala Karla Booja.

"There are some statistics that indicate the urgency and importance of this work, currently the year 11 and 12 retainment rate for Aboriginal students in the Southwest is significantly lower than the state average," Ms Bolton-Black said.

"This disparity is a clear indication that we need to take action to provide the necessary support to ensure our Aboriginal girls have equal access to education and employment opportunities.

"Through this partnership we are committed to closing this gap."

Newmont Australia Managing Director, Mia Gous, outlined the importance of the partnership and the company's commitment to working with and supporting the aspirations of Aboriginal communities.

"Newmont has well-established relationships with the Gnaala Karla Booja – Noongar People, and we know how important engagement in education is to improving life outcomes for everyone," Ms Gous said.

"We are really pleased to support the Shooting Stars vision of establishing the Southern Hub and we look forward to working with their team."


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