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First Nations artist Kyralee Shields collaborates with Kmart for new homewares collection

Phoebe Blogg -

Celebrated for their modern range of homewares and interiors that strive to remain at the forefront of fashion and trends, this month Kmart has announced a new homewares co-collaboration with proud Dharug and Darkinjung artist, Kyralee Shields.

Tiltiled Mudyin Ngurrawa - meaning 'Family on Country' in Dharug – the artist's new collection with Kmart has seen Kmart's Melbourne-based design team join forces with Shields to collaborate and create a unique range of homewares that express the the story of Mudyin Ngurrawa.

A natural continuation of Kmart's First Nations program, the Mudyin Ngurrawa collection offers up everything from bedding and dining to home décor and more.

The Mudyin Ngurrawa collection spans across all aspects of interiors, so there is a little slice of Mudyin Ngurrawa for each and every part of the home.

"Collaborating with Kmart is a dream come true. It's allowed me to work with a brand I grew up with who provide quality, on-trend products that are accessible to a wide demographic," Shields said.

First Nations artist Kyralee Shields. (Image: supplied)

"It has enabled me to share my art with a wider audience while working with a forward-thinking chain.

"Having a brand like Kmart support First Nations artists provides broad exposure to our culture and heritage through art and storylines within the evolving contemporary style, which is important to me."

When it came to design, Kmart's design team ensured that the products created were not only beautiful and functional, but respectful, meaningful and expressed the story of Mudyin Ngurrawa (meaning 'Family on Country' in Dharug).

"To create our latest homewares range, our Melbourne design team worked closely with Kyralee from start to finish to understand the artwork's purpose and meaning," said the Kmart Team.

"This co-collaboration included key steps, such as noting the importance of certain colours, markings and their meaning to Kyralee. This understanding ensured our suggested product extensions were an authentic and appropriate representation of her story and upheld the integrity of her artwork."

Linen and homewares featured in the Kyralee X Kmart Mudyin Ngurrawa collection. (Image: supplied)

With Shields' paintings being a combination of her Indigenous roots and modern contemporary art, it was only natural that this collaboration did arise.

Heavily inspired by her mother's history as part of the Stolen Generations and her own heritage, Shields channels her creativity into paintings that honour and recognise her ancestors all whilst expressing and displaying her own cultural identity.

Through her art, Shields strives to instil cultural pride in her children and future generations, celebrating the freedom to embrace and express their cultural legacy.

"You'll see elements that represent the traditional land to which my family belong and my deep connection to family," she said.

When discussing the new co-collaboration and its inception, Kmart's head of Community, Trish Briggs is also thrilled to see the next First Nations collection be brought to life.

Candles featured in the Kyralee X Kmart Mudyin Ngurrawa collection. (Image: supplied)

"At Kmart we are constantly working towards being a trusted and credible partner of First Nations peoples," she said.

"Due to the size and scale of our business, we have a unique opportunity to help make Indigenous-designed products widely accessible to all Australians and celebrate Indigenous artists, by sharing their talents and amplifying their storytelling through our products.

"Our team is immensely proud of this partnership, as we hope to inspire and educate both our customers and our team members on the rich diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and arts."

With a broad selection of products and prices ranging from $5 to $29, this collection is bound to be a success.

With Kmart's large reach and Shield's creative storytelling, the two powerhouses are striving to reinforce the idea that First Nations art and First Nations-designed products can be both modern and meaningful.

Dinner and kitchenware featured in the Kyralee X Kmart Mudyin Ngurrawa collection. (Image: supplied)

The Kyralee X Kmart Mudyin Ngurrawa Collection will be available in-store, via the Kmart App and online from the 4 April, 2024.

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