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New Sunrise Journey’s experience launches at Uluru’s Ayers Rock Resort

Phoebe Blogg -

To celebrate Uluru's Ayers Rock Resort's 40th birthday, the world-renowned operator has announced a new Indigenous-inspired, culturally immersive experience to connect guests even more deeply to the spiritual heart of Australia.  

Created to shine a light on Anangu artists in a light and sound experience, the landmark's newest Sunrise Journeys experience sees the desert become a canvas for an animated Indigenous art experience.

Sunrise Journeys is an all-new early-morning cultural and sensory experience that will see attendees take a seat on a sustainably constructed floating platform overlooking Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Guests will then watch the artwork as it is recreated on the vast, dark desert landscape below using cutting-edge laser and light projection technology. Indigenous iconography – similar to those commonly seen in dot paintings – will then begin to gently ebb and flow across the land.

The artwork will be brought to life, utilising the vast desert landscape as a natural canvas.

Sunrise Journeys artwork hanging at GoCA together with the three artists: L-R: Selina Kulitja (Maruku Arts), Valerie Brumby (Walkatjara Art) and Denise Brady (Kaltukatjara Art). (Image: supplied)

Sunrise Journeys is a collaboration between three Anangu artists, Selina Kulitja (Maruku Arts), Denise Brady (Kaltukatjara Art) and Valerie Brumby (Walkatjara Art); Anangu musician and composer, Jeremy Whiskey; and expert visual experience creator, Mandylights, whose recent work includes the Harbour Bridge and city lighting for Vivid Sydney and the Chayong International Light Festival in Beijing. 

Together, the prolific artists collaborated on a painting titled Ngura Nganampa Wiṟu Mulapa, meaning “our Country is truly beautiful” in Pitjantjatjara. The painting depicts the artist's deep shared connection to Anangu culture and the Country.  

Mandylights chief executive Richard Neville spoke of his excitement to join forces with the Anangu artists.  

"An opportunity to bring such a beautiful artwork to life across one of the most spectacular landscapes on earth is rare. We are profoundly honoured to collaborate with the Anangu artists and to work at a new time of day - where even the sun will play a role in the experience," he said. 

Local musician Jeremy Whiskey’s musical score is coupled with natural soundscapes and melodic narration from the artists, enriching the sensory experience.

Dawn at Uluru from the platform where Sunrise Journeys is enjoyed. (Image: supplied)

Following the display, guests will also be offered and welcome to enjoy a breakfast of native flavours.

Denise Brady of Kaltukatjara Art said: “Our hearts burn with passion to share our Country and knowledge with the world. As the sun rises, we look forward to creating a future together."

The 2.5-hour Sunrise Journeys experience is set to commence operation daily from the 1st of August 2024 and includes breakfast, hot drinks and return coach transfers.

The early morning experience is timed before flight schedules to allow guests to fit in a tour even on their departure day.  

While the original painting is available to view at the Gallery of Central Australia (GoCA), this is opportunity for art-goers and travellers to engage and enjoy a new artistic experience in our country’s beautiful red centre.

Sunrise journey’s will operate daily from the 1st of August 2024. This experience is a result of a collaboration between three renowned Anangu artists - Selina Kulitja (Maruku Arts), Denise Brady (Kaltukatjara Art), and Valerie Brumby (Walkatjara Art) - along with Anangu musician and composer Jeremy Whiskey, and expert visual experience creator Mandylights.

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