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First Nations artist Janelle Burger collaborates with Canva for new Women In Gaming illustrations

Phoebe Blogg -

Celebrated for her unique artworks across several mediums, Australian-born, Paris-based Noongar/ Sicilian artist Janelle Burger has launched into another new venture with the release of a collaboration with online graphic design app, Canva.

Whilst Burger's work spans across everything from supermarket murals to magazine covers, this is the first time the talented artist has collaborated with a tech giant as popular and successful as Canva.

Joining forces with Canva has seen Burger create a set of 25 illustrations based on everything from cosplays, gaming controllers, and Indigenous women who work in the gaming industry.

When speaking on the collection Burger said whilst gaming remains a niche realm for women, she is striving to highlight the women that do work and have a career in the gaming industry.

"The objective was to craft a collection of illustrations showcasing Indigenous women within the realm of gaming. This niche remains notably diminutive for women overall, given that both genders constitute a mere 3% of the Australian population," she said.

Women In Gaming illustration elements created by First Nations artist Janelle Burger for Canva. (Image: Instagram @janelleburger)

"The proportional scale of the gaming industry for women engaged in roles such as software engineers, game designers, character designers, and concept artists mirrors the limited landscapes, in which I hope that changes very soon. I want to highlight these women working hard in this industry.

"Through my work, I aspired to encapsulate the vibrancy and ingenuity of Aboriginal women thriving in this domain, though modest in size, holds the promise of significant expression for our voices and creativity."

Although gaming does remain a realm that both women and men are exceeding in, this collaboration with Canva is a celebration or greater representation, but a milestone for artist Janelle Burger herself.

Collaborating with a company as large as Canva is bound to see Burger grow and achieve even more in her career.

When discussing how Burger has spent the beginning of 2024, she said work has been rather busy, not to mention living overseas and planning her next visit home to Australia.

(Image: Instagram @janelleburger)

"The last few months have been really hectic work-wise. I only now have had this week off after months of working on multiple projects at a time. I finally had time to wash my hair and pluck my eyebrows," Burger told Style Up.

"Other than that, my partner and I drove from Paris to Basque country in the south of France for two weeks. We mainly swam at the local pool, ate fruit and vegetables from our garden and just enjoyed being away from the city. I still had to work though.

"But still, a change of scenery was much needed. Still no visit to Australia since February 2020, I was thinking of coming back this year if I have time."

In terms of what's next and further 2024 projects, Burger shares the exciting news that she is launching a textile homewares and clothing project, soon to be possibly released later this year.

"I'm in the early stages of getting a textile homewares and clothing project together that will probably come out later this year…such a long work in progress," she said.

Women In Gaming illustration elements created by First Nations artist Janelle Burger for Canva. (Image: Instagram @janelleburger)

"I'm still hunting down what textiles to use and to find a good seamstress in my region or I might have to buy myself an overlocker and create this myself.

"I have a really good project with Indigenous healthcare that will be coming out very soon. I can't go into much detail but all I can say is if you can hold it in your hands. A few other projects are coming up but I can't say too much sadly."

With several projects already in the works and a possible trip to her home country of Australia, Burger is set to have a busy 2024, filled with several exciting opportunities.

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