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Mob makes a splash on the street at Australian Fashion Week 2023

Rhiannon Clarke -

First Nations models, designers and influencers showed up at Australian Fashion Week 2023 in Sydney to support Indigenous fashion.

National Indigenous Times saw a variety of fashion styles from bright colours, statement pieces and unique hairstyles.

L to R Artist Bobbi Lockyer and Designer Nat Dann. (Image: Rhiannon Clarke)

Some of the fashionistas wore street-favourite Clothing the Gaps to attend various runway shows.

However these were not the usual pieces you'd see in stores.

Ikuntji Artists who's designs will be on display tomorrow in the Ikuntji show. (Image: Rhiannon Clarke).

The Ikuntji artist travelled from Haast's Bluff to Sydney to attend runway shows.

They are the first art centre established for women of the Western Desert art movement.

The Ikuntji show marks a historic moment for the art world as it will be the first time an art centre has presented a show at Australian Fashion Week.

L to R, Clothing the Gaps brand and marketing manager Sianna Catullo, sunglass designer Lindyn Rowland, Clothing the Gaps graphic designer Foz. (Image: Rhiannon Clarke)

Brand Clothing the Gaps showed off exclusive pieces from their latest wardrobe.

From to L to R, artist Lindsay Malay and his daughter Nicole Malay and artist Keedan Ridgney. (Image: Rhiannon Clarke)

Presenter Bianca Hunt. (Image: Rhiannon Clarke).

Television presenter Bianca Hunt made an appearance at the Erik Yvon show.

A change of scenery for the 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' contender

Models Nelson Baker and Cassie Puruntatameri who walked in the Ngali show (Image: Rhiannon Clarke)

L to R Lindyn Rowland, Foz, James Parr, Sianna Catullo and Style up editor Shahna Smith (Image: Rhiannon Clarke)


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