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UMI Arts’ four-day acrylic painting workshop celebrates talent of all ages

Phoebe Blogg -

A group of 32 emerging, mid-career, and professional artists brought their culture, creativity, and quest for knowledge to UMI Arts' four-day acrylic painting workshop running April 8-11.

Led by workshop facilitator and successful First Nations independent artist and business owner Connie Rovina, participants embraced the opportunity to get inspired all whilst exploring and learning about the world of acrylic painting – from selecting the appropriate canvas to priming techniques, colour layering, brushwork, and lacquering.

Rovina shared that although participants did range in age - from teenagers to senior Elders - everyone who attended did so with a willingness to experiment and perhaps try something new.

"What impressed me most was the community atmosphere, knowledge sharing, and willingness to experiment while incorporating personal stories into the design elements," said Rovina.

"The artworks produced are just stunning."

UMI Arts 2024 Acrylic Painting Workshop featuring Connie Rovina, Jahzara Michl, Jinneecka Don and Leanne Fredericks. (Image: supplied)

Jinneecka Don, Lisa Michl, Leanne Fredericks and Connie Rovina . (Image: supplied)

UMI Arts' artistic director Lisa Michl Ko-manggén OAM, also expressed her admiration for the dedication and effort participants showed, regardless of their age or backgrounds.

"The participants were clearly motivated by the opportunity to have their artworks featured in our exhibition program. I am excited to present these pieces in UMI's upcoming annual Summer Show," she said.

Originally founded in 2005, UMI Arts is the leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and cultural organisation for Far North Queensland. Currently servicing over 1000 members, UMI Arts is a not-for-profit company managed by an all-Indigenous Board of Directors. Its ongoing mission is to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in participating in maintaining, preserving, and protecting cultural identity.

First Nations artist Jahzara Michl participating in the UMI Arts 2024 Acrylic Painting workshop. (Image: supplied)

Jinneecka Don, Connie Rovina, Jahzara Michl at the UMI Arts 2024 Acrylic Painting workshop. (Image: supplied)

These workshops apart of the side-by-side series are just one of the many ways the organisation is striving to provide both informative and hands-on experiences to UMI artists and members, which are both educating and engaging.

Central to UMI Arts' Side by Side programming, additional workshops are planned for the coming months. In addition, all members of the wider community are invited to attend free art and craft workshops presented at the 16th annual Big Talk One Fire festival on September 7 in Munro Martin Parklands.

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