NBA champion and three-time Olympian Patty Mills has teamed up with Bluestone Lane to build pathways to success through the Keriba Ged Program.

Bluestone Lane is an Australian-inspired specialty coffee roaster, café and Australian lifestyle brand founded by AFL player Nicholas Stone.

Mills will represent Bluestone Lane as an official brand ambassador and will collaborate with the brand in initiatives to improve the social and economic conditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia.

The Keriba Ged (meaning ‘our home’) program will facilitate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to have the opportunity to develop their business and hospitality skills at Bluestone Lane locations in the United States.

The program will open pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to live and train abroad.

A proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander man, Mills said he was looking forward to working with the Bluestone Lane team.

“Bluestone Lane forms part of my daily ritual and is my taste of home whilst I live and play basketball half a world away,” he said.

“It’s the memories and small reminders of home that play a big part of my success, connect me to my people and where I come from and drive me to achieve greatness.”

Mills spoke of his excitement in collaborating with the brand.

“What we do together will create a model that builds confidence and experience for a lifetime, equipping the successful applicants with valuable life and business skills, setting them up with the tools to flourish and succeed, which can then be replicated and applied across other global businesses worldwide and in their communities back home.”

Bluestone Lane Founder Nicholas Stone said the brand is inspired by Mills as he uses his platforms to bring people and cultures together.

“At Bluestone Lane, we actively aspire to be a positive force for change and bring a better understanding of Indigenous culture in the US,” he said.

“We want to institute some of these high-performance standings around how we operate as a business and how we can benefit people being part of these environments.”

Stone said the Keriba Ged program shows Bluestone Lane’s continued investment in making a difference that positively impacts on communities with limited opportunities in Australia.

“Strong alliances with Patty Mills and other partners who are dedicated to making a real difference, will pave the way for other businesses to adopt these ideals and practices for the benefit of all Indigenous Australians.”

The Keriba Ged program will commence in 2021/22. Learn more about the partnership and register your interest here:

By Darby Ingram