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   Editorial Policy   

The National Indigenous Times (NIT) strives to be the most comprehensive Indigenous online news site in Australia. We offer rigorous reporting on the issues that affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We celebrate positive stories and achievements, advocate for Reconciliation, and offer a balance of stories across news, politics, business, the arts and sport.


Our staff covers the news with impartiality. We do nothing that undermines our readers ’ faith and confidence in our news. We recognise an ethic responsibility to correct all factual errors published and we tell the complete truth as best we can learn it. We report honestly and do our utmost to give a fair opportunity for reply. When we use facts gathered by any other organisation, we attribute them. Our reporters do not actively misrepresent their identity to get a story. The proprietors of NIT acknowledge that journalists record their stories fairly, fully and regardless of any commercial, political or personal interests. We publish without fear or favour in the interest of fairness, impartiality and in the interest of truth.


The photos NIT carries on its website should always be attributed. We may adjust colour or greyscale for clarity and we will often resize for publication, however we will never manipulate images in a way that’s misleading, or that rearranges, reverses, or distorts people or objects. We warn Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples that our website may contain images of deceased persons.


The National Indigenous Times welcomes advertising and companies wishing to place sponsored posts with us. We do, however, maintain a clear distinction between news, editorial matter, opinion, sponsored posts and our advertisements. Any material that explicitly promotes a for-profit business is considered advertising. NIT reserves the right to label an advertisement with the word ‘advertisement’ or ‘sponsored post’, when, in our view, it is necessary to make clear this distinction. We retain the right to decline any advertisement offered to us, particularly if its content is racist, offensive, illegal or inappropriate. When it comes to political advertisements, these must indicate authorisation. For more information on advertising, please contact [email protected].


The National Indigenous Times is proudly 100 per cent Indigenous-owned by Wayne Bergmann and Clinton Wolf.