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Who's in, who's out? How Indigenous candidates fared in the Federal election

Tom Zaunmayr -

Five of Federal Parliament's seven Indigenous members are up for re-election on Saturday, while a host of new and well-known faces have also stepped forward to swell the ranks.

Among more than 40 Indigenous candidates identified this election (at least 25 House of Representatives, 16 Senate) a few key figures stand out.

Some three per cent of more than 1200 candidates vying for the House of Representatives this election are Indigenous, which remains short of the 3.3 per cent Indigenous representation in the wider population.

WA has by far the most Indigenous House of Rep candidates with eight standing, while the Greens' all-Indigenous Victorian Senate ticket is also worthy of note.

The Northern Territory's Senate will most likely become all-Indigenous too, with Labor and Liberal putting forward strong First Nations candidates.

*** indicates a candidate expected to win


Ken Wyatt | Liberal | Hasluck | WA | ALP GAIN - 10.5% swing

Indigenous Australians Minister Ken Wyatt is the incumbent MP and holds the seat with a 5.9 per cent margin. Faces a tight contest in his outer-metropolitan seat.

*** Linda Burney | Labor | Barton | NSW | ***

Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians Linda Burney is the incumbent MP and holds the seat with a 9.4 per cent margin. Expected to return safely to office.

*** Lidia Thorpe | Greens | Senate | VIC | ***

Greens spokeswoman for Indigenous Australians Lidia Thorpe took over from Richard Di Natale in 2020 and is expected to safely retain her seat.

*** Dorinda Cox | Greens | Senate | WA | ***

Dorinda Cox replaced Rachel Siewert in 2021 and, if re-elected as expected, will become the first voted-in Indigenous female senator in WA.

*** Malarndirri McArthy | Labor | Senate | NT ***

Yanyuwa woman Malarndirri McArthy is very likely to retain her NT Senate spot.

Key challengers

*** Jacinta Nampijinpa Price | Country Liberal | Senate | NT ***

Strong, outspoken and at times polarising, Ms Price is likely to gain one of two NT senate seats.

*** Marion Scrymgour | Labor | Lingiari | NT ***

The former NT deputy chief minister takes over from long-serving Labor MP Warren Snowdon, who held the seat since inception in 2001. The loss of Mr Snowdon's personal vote could be a deciding factor.

Pat O'Shane | Socialist Alliance | Leichardt | QLD | LNP RETAIN

The micro-party candidate may not be likely to win the marginal seat, but her preferences will be critical in determining whether it is a Liberal hold or Labor gain.

Megan Krakouer | Independent | Senate | WA | x

A famous footy name coupled with a strong human rights and deaths in custody platform, the odds are nonetheless against Megan Krakouer who is second on her ticket.

Owen Douglas Whyman | Aboriginal Party of Australia | Senate | NSW | x

Founder of the all-Indigenous party, Owen Douglas Whyman faces an uphill battle to gain a senate spot, but has campaigned hard on First Nations issues.

Celeste Liddle | Greens | Cooper | VIC | ALP RETAIN

While unlikely, Ms Liddle is vying to become Victoria's first Indigenous House of Representatives member.

Adam Frogley | Greens | Senate | VIC | x

The Taungurung man is second behind Lidia Thorpe on the Greens' all-Indigenous Victorian senate ticket.

Allison Bluck | Liberal | Mayo | SA | IND RETAIN

-11.9% swing against Bluck

More candidates

Josephine Cashman | One Nation | Lyne | NSW | NAT RETAIN

*** Gordon Reid | Labor | Robertson | NSW ***

+5% swing to Reid

Trish Frail | Greens | Parkes | NSW | NAT RETAIN

Dominic WY Kanak | Greens | Wentworth | NSW | IND GAIN

Brett Rodney Duroux | Aboriginal Party of Australia | Page | NSW | NAT RETAIN

Derek Hardman | Aboriginal Party of Australia | Parkes | NSW | NAT RETAIN

Jeffrey Wayne Lawson | Aboriginal Party of Australia | Robertson | NSW | LAB GAIN

Lawrence John Brooke | Aboriginal Party of Australia | Senate | NSW | x

Tabitha Young | Labor | Bonner | QLD | LNP RETAIN

Donisha Duff | Labor | Bowman | QLD | LNP RETAIN

Jordan Hall | Greens | Forde | QLD | LNP RETAIN

Rod Jensen | Katter's Australian Party | Leichardt | QLD | LNP RETAIN

Jeremiah Riley | Labor | Durack | WA | LNP RETAIN

+8.6% swing to Riley

Shaneane Weldon | Labor | O'Connor | WA | LNP RETAIN

+6.9% swing to Weldon

Daniel Garlett | Greens | Burt | WA | LAB RETAIN

Bianca McNeair | Greens | Durack | WA |LNP RETAIN

Donna Nelson | Greens | Pearce | WA | LAB GAIN

Clint Uink | Greens | Swan | WA | LAB GAIN

Dena Gower | Australian Christians | Swan | WA | LAB GAIN

*** Jana Stewart | Labor | Senate | VIC ***

Marjorie Thorpe | Greens | Gippsland | VIC | NAT RETAIN

Sissy Austin | Greens | Senate | VIC | x

Zeb Payne | Greens | Senate | VIC | x

Lionel Henaway | Aboriginal Party of Australia | Senate | QLD | x

Jenny-Lee Carr | Aboriginal Party of Australia | Senate | QLD | x

Dianne Stokes | Greens | Senate | NT

Major "Moogy" Sumner | Greens | Senate | NT | x

Tjanara Goreng Goreng | Greens | Senate | NT | x


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