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Megan Davis slams "misinformation" on breadth of Uluru Statement from the Heart

Jarred Cross -

Uluru Dialogue co-chair Professor Megan Davis has hit back at Sky News host Peta Credlin in response to the commentator's claim the public have been misinformed about the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

In recent days, a heated exchange has played out between Credlin and fellow Sky News presenter Chris Kenny - a vocal supporter of the Voice, on the length of the Uluru Statement.

Ms Credlin, who previously served as chief of staff to Tony Abbott during his time as Prime Minister, has stated the document is 26 pages on repeated occasions.

She has said assertions it is just 439 words are a "lie".

The material in reference is 'Document 14' - 25 additional pages collated with the one-page Uluru Statement From the Heart, released by the National Indigenous Australians Agency under their Freedom of Information logs.

The host has accused Prime Minister Albanese and Mr Kenny of purposely misleading the public.

"They don't want to talk about the full statement…because that's about Voice, Treaty and Truth. The very things that the PM and Chris Kenney don't want you to understand because if you did understand them, you wouldn't vote for their Voice"," Ms Credlin said.

Ms Credlin referred to inclusions in Document 14 regarding a Makarrata commission and reparations which she said could be "calculated, perhaps, on Australia's GDP", among other elements.

In what has become a string of debate between the two on the platform, Mr Kenny called Ms Credlin's claims "nonsense".

"It is simply not true. It is nonsense," Mr Kenny said.

"One page. 400 words. It's on posters all around the country. You can Google it anytime you like."

The row extended to Parliament with the Prime Minister calling questions from the coalition related to the Uluru Statement "conspiracy theories".

Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has also put her side forward.

Speaking on Sky News, Senator Price said her office received "verbal clarification that the document is in fact the 26 pages and not just, of course, the one page" in a phone call with NIAA, according to the Guardian.

Later, the Guardian published parts of a NIAA letter to the Senator's office on Wednesday, reportedly obtained by the outlet, which refuted those comments.

NIAA reportedly said the additional pages include "background and excerpts drawn from regional dialogues".

The NIAA refuted Ms Price's claim that the Uluru Statement (pictured) is 26 pages long.

"The Uluru statement from the heart is one page, signed by delegates at the national convention in 2017. The authors of the Uluru statement from the heart have confirmed this. The additional pages contained in document 14 of FOI 2223/016 are background and excerpts drawn from the regional dialogues," it read, as reported by the Guardian.

"The NIAA did not provide verbal clarification that the Uluru Statement from the Heart document is 26 pages long. What was verbally confirmed was that the publication of the correspondence on the Right to Know website between the NIAA and an individual, was accurate."

That correspondence, also reported by the outlet, referred to 'Document 14' as "information" requested" by an individual around the Uluru Statement from the heart.

In the same exchange NIAA said the information is available in their published FOI logs.

An additional email saw 'Document 14' referred to as "Uluru Statement from the Heart – long".

Professor Davis, an architect of the Uluru Statement, made her own clarification on Wednesday.

"The Uluru Statement from the Heart is one page. It is 439 words," she said in a statement.

"It is supported by other documents contained in the Referendum Council report that reflect and document the many regional dialogues and consultation leading up to it."

"These have been public for seven years. They are found on the Referendum Council website. These are the official documents."

Ms David said the public, politicians and media have been encouraged by the Uluru Dialogue to learn more on the Statement for seven years.

She went on to categorise debate on the length of the Statement as reflective of "the way Indigenous issues are treated in this country".

"The fact that a single No advocate has used her privileged media platform to confuse the mainstream media and our political leaders so dramatically about the Voice, tells you everything you need to know about the way Indigenous issues are treated in this country."

"When we speak, we are ignored.

"When we work harder to reassure, we are ignored.

"When we strive to meet the many hurdles that are put in front of us, the goal posts are shifted.

"When we encourage all Australians to inform themselves by reading deeply, that is distorted and weaponised by a No campaign that has no alternative and is intent on misinformation and division."


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