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Dylan Mooney joins forces with Ben & Jerry's in ice cream-led Torres Strait Islands climate action call

Shannon McGuire -

Torres Strait Islander artist Dylan Mooney has turned to ice cream in an effort to raise awareness about the climate crisis threatening to sink his island home.

Mooney collaborated with Ben & Jerry's ice cream in a new campaign supporting Our Island Our Homes with a new limited-edition non-dairy flavor  named This Is Our Whirled.

Our Islands Our Home is a campaign led by Torres Strait Islanders to protect their island homes as they face climate crisis.

Pictured: Artist Dylan Mooney. Photo credit: Dylan Mooney

King tides, erosion, inundation and coral bleaching are threatening the homes and cultures of Torres Strait Islander people.

The Federal Government was in Septmeber called out by the United Nations for breaching the human rights of Torres Strait Islanders for failing to protect them from climate change

A proud Yuwi, South Sea Island and Torres Strait Islander man, Mooney felt compelled to join the campaign in hope to raise awareness of the crisis in the islands.

"I wanted to help support the campaign by bringing bring more awareness and amplifying the voices of the Torres Strait, the work they have done and work that they're still doing for the climate justice," Mooney said.

Inspired by the world of anime, DC and Marvel, Mooney uses his artwork to express and represent pop culture and the youth of today.

"I like empowerment and strength, we are resilient people. We've survived and thrived for 60,000 plus years. I just want to continue that truth telling and those knowledges," he said.

The ice cream is vegan, made with sunflower butter, and filled with chocolate chip cookies, chocolate sandwich cookies and chocolate cookie swirls.

This Is Our Whirled can be found on supermarket shelves with proceeds going back to Our Island Our Homes campaign.

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