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Polarity: Fire & Ice is transporting viewers to contrasting corners of the Earth

Rhiannon Clarke -

Premiering in Australia as part of the Perth Festival, Polarity: Fire & Ice portrays the profound impact of the climate catastrophe on a global scale.

Audiences will get the chance to witness the melting ice caps of the Arctic and Antarctica, juxtaposed with the devastating summer fires that have tragically become all too familiar in Australia.

The exhibition presents a unique narrative by featuring the perspectives of both First Nations artists and non-Indigenous artists who collaborate closely with First Peoples communities.

Together, they explore the the themes of climate change, the importance of caring for Country, and the need for climate action. While also delving into the rich environmental knowledge and solutions developed by First Nations people over thousands of years.

Escape Velocity by artist Adam Sébire (Image: supplied)

Visual Arts Curator and Nhanda Noongar man Glenn Iseger Pilkington said the exhibition transforms the galleries into immersive, salient and challenging reflections upon the climate emergency as it unfolds across our interconnected planet.

"Through the voices of First Peoples, and settler artists who work collaboratively with First Peoples, the exhibition, opening during the peak of the Australian summer, connects our choices to global impacts which seem a world away," he said.

"Importantly, the work within Polarity, reminds us of the enduring ecological knowledge of First Peoples, knowledge that can hold the keys to finding ways to mitigate the climate catastrophe."

The captivating exhibition will showcase twelve new visual works and features immersive film and photographic masterpieces created by talented artists residing in Australia, the Arctic, and Canada.

Including a groundbreaking cinematic piece called Chanamee, Never Die, 2023.

This extraordinary artwork, commissioned by Fremantle Arts Centre and the Indigenous Desert Alliance, was created by artist Tim Georgeson during his journey into the Tanami Desert with the Karrinyarra people.

Through his art, he brings Indigenous lore to life, offering a unique perspective on the world.

Chanamee, Never Die by artist Tim Georgeson (Image: supplied)

Alongside Chanamee, Never Die, 2023, the exhibition will feature other renowned film and photographic artists such as Adam Sébire (Norway), Maureen Gruben (Canada), and Dr. Cass Lynch in collaboration with Mei Swan Lim (Australia).

The exhibition will be held at the renowned Fremantle Arts Centre, starting from Saturday, February 10 until Sunday, April 28.


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