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Bringing art to the daily shop

Shannon McGuire -

The 'Fresh Food People' are looking 'Fresh As' after going into collaboration with Warumungu, Wombaya artist Jessica Johnson, founder of First Nations owned and run creative agency Nungala Creative, showcasing their commitment to relationships with First Nations artists and suppliers.

The new range of reusable bags, designed by Johnson, with her three works titled 'Fresh as', 'Journey Lines' and 'Landtracks', are providing more than just a fun, stylish and practical way to carry your groceries. Made using at least 70% recycled materials, the ever-growing family of reusable bags in The Art Bag range by Woolworths features many up and coming Australian artists.

Ms Johnson and her creative agency Nungala Creative aligned seamlessly with the grocery giant using her signature styles in bold, eye-catching colours to express the joy of food and the relationship she has shared with it.

"I love food, love the ability that food has in bringing people together. It has been such an underestimated aspect of community as well as overall wellbeing and simply, just happiness," she said.

"The creative process for me is not conscious. I try to communicate with movement and energy and I tend to go down a path feels good. The creative process for me in this project, has been really rewarding.

"It is exciting for us to embark on this journey and to see a brand like Woolworths working with First Nations people in all capacities of their business."

The new Art Bag range with Nungala Creative for Woolworths. (Image: Woolworths Group)

To launch the bag, Woolworths Group is also giving back to Australian communities by partnering with the Yothu Yindi Foundation, supporting the education of Yolngu students in Arnhem land in the Northern Territory with an initial donation of $100,000 made to the foundation.

Established in 1990, the Yothu Yindi Foundation's mission is for Yolngu and other Indigenous Australians to have the same level of well-being and life opportunities as non-Indigenous Australians by delivering programs in education, culture, health, arts, advocacy and economy.

Larger than Woolworth's current 99 cent bag and offering two different handles, with a longer strap for ease of carrying over the shoulder, shoppers can choose from a selection of three designs for $2 each. The Art Bag range joins a number of reusable carry bag options for Woolworths customers to choose from. This includes the 25-cent paper bag, the 99-cent shopping bag, foldable fabric bags and Chiller bags which are all available online or in-store.

Woolworths encourages customers to bring their own bags when they shop to help care for the environment, and its new Art Bags are designed to be used again and again to support more sustainable shopping.


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