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First Nations Business Trade Fair back in Naarm

Dechlan Brennan -

The First Nations Business Trade Fair in Naarm was held on Wednesday, on the banks of the Birrarung (Yarra River).

Hosted by Supply Nation, in collaboration with Kinaway Chamber of Commerce, at the Melbourne Convention Centre, the event was the first Supply Nations trade show in Naarm since 2019, and saw over 500 participants coming through the door.

National Indigenous Times was given the opportunity to visit the event, which saw over 80 Indigenous businesses from a variety of industries, from as broad a spectrum as legal services to diving to tourism.

All the businesses National Indigenous Times spoke to expressed their amazement at the numbers of people and businesses.

Others said the turnout - which came on a 34 degree day - showed the obvious interest in Indigenous products and businesses from people, which can only flourish with contiued exposure.

In a statement, organisers said: "Supply Nation continues to support the growth and long-term viability of the Indigenous business sector by creating conversations between motivated corporate and government buyers and Indigenous business owners."

Keep an eye out for a coming National Indigenous Times series of profiles on emerging and established Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses who attend the event.


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