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From insurance to food security, our bulging crisis list is an indictment on the Feds

Guest Author -

What a scary time to be alive.

The war in Ukraine, three years of COVID-19, fires in the east, flooding all around Australia, cyclones in areas rarely hit, and the ensuing destruction to homes, businesses and public infrastructure, not to mention the inability of the Federal Government to assist those who cannot get home insurance to take responsibility for managing their homes and their most important assets.

So those attempting to do the right thing by trying to buy insurance cover are left in a situation that is untenable in the insurance market.

Where was the Federal Government on disaster relief, and why is insurance not a part of that disaster relief?

Insurance is essential to all home owners, it has an impact on all aspects of your investment and mortgage implications are still to be investigated without home insurance it will raise many issues and problems for home owners.

Then to add insult to a growing list of crises, we now have to deal with the food and commodities shortages, supply issues, transport problems, hikes in the cost of living and the rise in interest rates.

The LNP seems to be asleep at the wheel.

What about local processing and manufacturing, and reinvigorating the shipping services to provide supply regularly to the West Australian coast.

Rail out and no food for the regions, roads out no supplies to the North West.

This is not rocket science, simply good management and should be investigated as a way forward.

We need to know that those responsible do their jobs.

The collective events of the past three years have brought trauma to the nation, with few exceptions.

I bring this concern to the attention of our current, and aspiring politicians because while we are involved in our own day to day survival our Prime Minister and his ilk are actively adding to the stress by insinuating war is imminent and the Chinese have perpetrated acts of aggression against Australia.

Many Australians are of Chinese ancestry, we need to respect that as a nation of migrants.

The Chinese commercial partnerships we have had and continue to enjoy have been decades in the making and in the past provided an economic relationship that sustains many in the mining industry, including businesses which derive an income from those industries.

So last week, almost twenty years since the seriously disgusting political controversy of the children overboard affair, I recalled the event instantly when I could identify the desperation of a government which is losing at the polls.

That controversy happened at a time when asylum seekers were the focus of the public malcontent nourished by the Federal Government.

My flashback was about the repulsive stench of desperation, manifesting itself as the crisis of the Chinese offshore in Western Australia, the point being missed is that they have been there for a week.

The polls decided this matter should be shared with the public as a means to cause distress and further trauma to our citizens.

I thought these national security issues were meant to be dealt with by the people best suited to deal with them, not some political narcissist who believes he can change the way people view him as a person.

Usually, we would presume, in a time of crisis our community wouldn't consider a change in a change of government.

But when the leader of that government has acted with a complete lack of integrity, a nonchalant attitude to the devastating disasters, then only assisting those communities affected which are held by the LNP, it is a disgraceful act.

This on the back of a crippling pandemic which has affected every aspect of our lives and completely destroyed our sense of security.

The flippant manner in which he treats victims of the disasters is in itself a dishonorable action by a liar, hypocrite and bully.

The presumption being that any change during a crisis is dangerous, is in this case a non-argument.

If the rule of thumb really has always been no change in a time of crisis, I believe that this will be an exception to the rule.

And as usual I am glad to be proven wrong, but once you take people for granted, who you want to support you, the outcome can be very different.

Carol Martin is a Yamatji woman and was State Labor Member for the Kimberley from 2001 to 2013. She was the first Indigenous woman elected to any parliament in Australia.


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