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Lucas Schober on returning to Melbourne Fashion Festival, launching his first clothing line and redefining First Nations culture

Phoebe Blogg -

In 2024, 24-year-old First Nations model Lucas Schober is proving that today’s younger generations are jumping at the chance to flex their creativity, branch out and curate their careers.

Hailing from the Larrakia Nation, Schober is a proud Wuthathi, Yadhekanu, Kaurareg and Yindjibarnji man, whose successful modelling career has sent him travelling around the world.

Despite having a background in civil and environmental engineering, Schober has put this career path on hold to pursue and further explore a career in modelling.

“I have a background in civil and environmental engineering which I've put my final year on hold to pursue a career as an artist, model and business owner," Schober told Style Up.

"I have just transitioned into working as a full-time creative, working on my art and apparel brand Musu Arts."

After making an impressive debut at Melbourne Fashion Festival (MFF) in 2023, last week the talented creative returned to the MFF runway for the second time.

Appearing in the Emerging Mob In Fashion runway, Schober walked with the fun energy and enthusiasm he is inherently known for.

“This is my second MFF, attending and walking last year. I love the high energies of the shows and it’s the perfect place to connect with like-minded aspiring designers and artists,” he said.

“I began working as a model 18 months ago, forming heaps of strong relationships with many of our First Nations creatives within the fashion industry, allowing opportunities like these to arise.

"I'm forever grateful for those mob too who have created these safe spaces for us to share our stories, which are often overlooked.”  

Schober backstage at MFF. (Image: Dan Castano)

Having a close relationship with both his grandparents, Schober is always furthering his knowledge of community and culture through the knowledge and experience his elders hold.

“My Nana is from Waiben (Thursday Island) - descending from the Pablo Clan of Shelburne Bay and the Raymond family of Ngarupai (Horn Island). My Pop is from Port Hedland - a Yindjibarnji Man of the Pilbara,” he said.

“I'm forever grateful to still have those two Elders in my life with all the knowledge and history that they hold and share with us.”

Schober at DAAF in 2023. (Image: Marley Morgan) 

With a significant amount of knowledge and culture passed down from his Elders, Schober is conscious of voicing what he is and is not happy with, regarding both the fashion industry and broader communities of Australia.

“I think Australia has a long way to go in terms of being secure in our own national identity, which includes our everyday fashion.Redefining First Nations culture in a contemporary context, how we interact in this new age, today’s proper crazy world, is one of the steps. We have such untapped potential in the stories that the next generation of First Nations creatives can share with us,” he said.

"We need to take another look at the iceberg which is First Nations culture, and realise how it’s currently connected to the iceberg of Australian culture. There are plenty of opportunities (which have been fought very hard for and are never taken for granted) but the empowerment and validation of our art isn't there from a wider audience that has taken on this Western influence from the sights and sounds we consume day-to-day."  

Whilst he does believe Australia and its wider communities do need to make significant improvements, the young model has noticed that the number of opportunities for First Nations creatives in the modelling industry has increased.

“Just in my short time of modelling, I've definitely noticed an increase of opportunities for us fullas, and I implore all my mob to get into modelling for the representation our young people need,” he said. 

Schober backstage with model Luca Saunders. (Image: Dan Castano) 

Modelling aside, Schober has recently stepped into a new creative venture with the launch of his own First Nations owned and operated art and apparel business, Musu Arts. 

Creating across numerous mediums, Schober has been empowered to design and create through both his connection to culture, family and practising of customs.

Musu Arts now offers commissioned artworks, cultural artworks and its very own art and apparel line. 

Although having just released his debut clothing collection titled, ‘Life & Connection for Wet Season '24’, Schober already has plans for his next collection - soon to be released in Winter 2024.

“My next steps are to focus on bringing Musu Arts - my apparel and artwork, to a wider audience," he said.

"I've just developed my first line of clothing, titled Life & Connection for Wet Season '24 which will be launching shortly, and I'm currently working my upcoming Dry Season line, which I'll launch just in time for Winter."

Making a name for himself within the creative industry as both a model and now designer, Schober has gained the attention of not only agencies and designers but media and press. 

Constantly branching out and flexing his creative niche, Schober is destined for continual success, both on and off the runway.   

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