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Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery celebrates launch of new Indigenous sculptural exhibition

Phoebe Blogg -

Curated by Rebecca Hossack and her close-knit team, the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery's 'We are everything, all the time always' exhibition shares a series of Aboriginal sculptures reflecting the cycle of life and death.

The London-based gallery's newest exhibition is also about a place and a space for spirits, whilst being about the objects that connect people with the spiritual dimensions of life.

Hossack and her team implemented this exhibition into the gallery to exhibit how solace and confirmation through ceremony, can be achieved through art.

The exhibit strives to acknowledge the importance of the spirit, not merely in humankind, but in all things.

The pieces produced in the 'We are everything, all the time always' exhibition was produced across four communities in - or off - Arnhem Land, in what is known colloquially as the 'Top End' of Australia's Northern Territory - an area almost six times larger than the United Kingdom.

Aboriginal lorrkons on display at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery. (Image: Supplied)

Whilst all the works are unique in various niche differences, all pieces were created to reflect our connection to the great cycle of Life and Death.

The museum-quality exhibit also marks the largest installation of 'lorrkon' (or finely-painted hollow log coffins from the Northern Territory of the Australian desert) outside of Australia to date.

Inhabiting the gallery as a mysterious grove of sacred trees, the artworks in this curated display evoke millennia-old cycles of life and death - with formal impact.

Featuring larrakitj's - ceremonial log-coffins - created in Yolgnu communities to woven pandanus sculptures suspended around the walls of the gallery, 'We are everything, all the time always' is as educating as it is memorising.

Unique artworks filled with cultural symbolism and modern relevance is what Hossack and her team specialise in and this exhibition is again no different.

Gallery owner Rebecca Hossack. (Image: Heathcliff O'Malley)

Known as the first art gallery in Europe to exhibit Australian aboriginal paintings - and it continues to promote such work through its regular Songlines seasons - Rebecca Hossack's art galleries have gone from strength to strength.

The gallery also assists public and private collectors internationally to acquire contemporary and Australian Aboriginal fine art of outstanding provenance.

With a series of new Indigenous works and exhibitions to feature in the gallery this year, the 'We are everything, all the time always' exhibition, is only a glimpse of what's to come.

'We are everything all the time always', will run until the end of February 2024. The exhibition is available to view and visit at Rebecca Hossack's London gallery in Conway Street.

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