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First Nations social enterprise Sobah Beverages partners with Peking Duk to create non-alcoholic lager

Emma Ruben -

Electronic music duo Peking Duk have come together with First Nations owned social enterprise Sobah Beverages to release a non-alcoholic lager, just in time for the summer.

Dubbed Fale Magic Lager the non-alcoholic beer has been enriched with lion's mane mushroom and is a limited edition, exclusively available at ING Good Finds Market.

All proceeds from the lager will go back to Sobah to support the work the company does to promote First Nations culture, arts, language and history.

Sobah, the first non-alcoholic craft beer company in Australia is also a social enterprise.

Through their business they support the work of others such as the Preston Campbell Foundation, The Wayne Weaver Foundation, Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health and Half Cut Org.

Sobah co-founder and Gamilaroi man Clinton Schultz said at the beginning of starting Sobah, there was very little understanding as to what non-alcoholic beverages were.

"Whereas now it's one of the fastest growing categories in the beverage industry," he said.

Peking Duk, who have recently released their new single Spend It, believed in Sobah's message of destigmatising socialing sober.

Peking Duk member Adam Hyde said falling into the 'non-alc' lifestyle was a given because of their life as musicians.

"Anytime doing gigs there always feels like quite a bit of pressure to drink," he said.

"For us, if we're doing a tour for example, and we're doing shows every night it's like this is work and we've got to go and deliver.

"Tonight sure we can party if we want, we've got to do it again tomorrow night and the night after."

Fellow Duk member Rueben Styles said working with a First Nations social enterprise was truly inspiring and opened up their minds.

"Why can't either every beer or non-alc beer company also be a social enterprise and give back to the community in a way that Sobah does," he said.

"It's reshaped how, personally I've seen how business models should operate.

"Giving back to First Nations communities, you're always going to want to pick that."

As part of their role through Sobah, Schultz is constantly educating others on what the non-alc lifestyle is about.

Adam Hyde, Clinton Schultz and Rueben Styles debut their new alc-free lager. Photo supplied.

Schultz said they still get people who come up to them in markets who say their non-alc beer would be good for remote First Nations communities.

"My response is always this was never made for those communities," he said.

"This was made to raise awareness to the overall drinking problem that Australia as a nation has and bringing forward our values as First Nations people.

"Australia's had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol since colonisation began and it's about time more and more people took a second to reflect on that."

The Fake Magic Lager collaboration is available only through ING Good Finds Market on Saturdays for a limited time only.

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