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How the Japanese have busted a brutal Western propaganda myth

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One of the most common excuses for justifying Western colonialism and the genocide of countless Indigenous people is the saying that if Western countries hadn't taken over these countries, they wouldn't have the technology they do now.

The belief that Westerners have had a significant role in the development of these primitive people is nothing more than one of many stereotypes that serve to dehumanize anyone who isn't white.

There was a time when most of the world thought that white people were superior, but now there are many people who think differently.

Despite arguments to the contrary, there is no logical basis for the belief that Western nations have been given a "God's grace" that the barbaric East or Indigenous cannot achieve.

After the British Empire raped and pillaged India for two hundred years, within a century of Indian independence, India now has an economy larger than that of its colonial master.

Over the next hundred years, many of the economic disadvantages that accompanied colonisation should be overcome, including poverty and a capitalist system that allows the rich to get richer while the middle and lower classes suffer.

But one of the biggest reasons why people who justify Western colonialism and genocide is that they ignore Japan, a country that was never invaded by an outside force but still developed into one of the most developed countries despite being perceived as barbaric and uncivilized compared to the Western world that was blessed by god.

Japan's long history as an independent civilization is due to a lack of foreign invasion, which has allowed its culture and history to remain intact over the centuries.

Yet, it's also important to know that Japan has also faced many foreign invasions throughout its history.

These have come in the form of military conquest, the spreading of Western culture and influence, and the imposition of foreign ideologies like imperialism.

Japan's victory over the Russians in 1905 shattered the notion that Asian armies were unable to defeat Western forces in a real war.

And despite the challenges of being an isolated island country, the people of Japan have continued to adapt and overcome at a rate faster than most Western nations which is why some experts have labelled Japan as the most technologically advanced country in the world.

For those who still hold on to old beliefs that justify the colonisation and genocide of "lower-class" societies, it's time to let go of your outdated notions and move into the real world.

First People should not feel grateful to Western nations who colonised them, because Eastern and Indigenous nations would have been fine without Western influence.

Western countries have benefited from learning from each other and even different cultures and countries can learn from each other.

The global community benefits from this diversity, as it helps to further the knowledge and understanding of the world.

Common sense should rule, and it's time that people who are really living in the past, need to move on and realise that imperialism and colonialism have done more harm than good.

Let us rise up without genocides, racism, and systemic structures that keep us in poverty while the ruling class profit.

Dean Foley is a Kamilaroi entrepreneur and founder of First Nations Lottery

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