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Bodycam footage turned away from fatal shooting of Kumanjayi Walker, court hears

Sarah Smit -

Police bodycam footage of the "point-blank" shooting of Warlpiri man Kumanjayi Walker has been shown on the second day of the committal hearing in the Alice Springs Local Court.

The footage was captured on the bodycam of Constable Anthony Hawkings, a member of the Immediate Response Team (IRT) that travelled from Alice Springs to Yuendumu to assist in Walker's arrest.

It shows Constable Zachary Rolfe, the officer accused of murdering Walker, and IRT member Constable Adam Eberl grappling with Walker on the floor.

The footage shows Constable Hawkings, armed with an AR-15, guarding the back entrance to the home where 19-year-old Walker was shot.

Constable Hawkings said he heard a crack that was later revealed to be a gunshot and ran to the front entrance of the building where Constable Rolfe and Constable Eberl were wrestling with Walker.

Constable Hawkings' camera was turned away from the scene at the time of the fatal shots, but the Constable said he saw Rolfe fire his gun twice into Walker's midriff at "very close range".

"I think in my statement, from my recollection, it wasâ€"I may have mentioned point-blank or touching, but it was the angle that I was looking at," he said.

"I couldn't give you a distance of the end of the barrel versus the point of contact of skin."

Constable Hawkings testified that Walker was holding something "extremely tight" and said the officers were yelling for the man to "drop the scissors".

The Constable also said Walker continued to resist for some seconds after the second and third shots were fired.

He told the court that police were trained to draw their weapons if they "fear death or serious bodily harm".

Constable Hawkings also clarified that drawing a firearm did not necessarily mean firing shots.

The hearing continues Thursday.

By Sarah Smit

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