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Every Premier and Chief Minister in Australia unite to back Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Giovanni Torre -

All state and territory leaders in Australia have officially backed the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, including Liberal premier of New South Wales Dom Perrottet.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said the statement signed after a meeting of national cabinet on Friday signalled a common goal "to secure a successful referendum in the second half of this year".

"We recognise this significant opportunity to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the First Peoples of Australia in our Constitution," the joint statement says.

"We also acknowledge the ensuring strength of First People leadership and knowledge through the establishment of a Voice to the Australian Parliament on matters affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities."

The premiers and chief ministers also vowed to combat misinformation and strive for a respectful national conversation.

Mr Perrotet threw his weight behind the Voice campaign while federal Liberal leader Peter Dutton continues to keep his personal position on the matter to himself.

"This is an issue that we agree with in principle, and it should be above politics. It should be a moment which unites the country, doesn't divide the country," the New South Wales premier said.

Mr Dutton has met with the Referendum Working Group, and his Nationals colleagues have been urged by former Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt to read the detailed reports available on the proposed Voice, but continues to claim not enough detail has been made known.

He is expected to meet the expert working group advising the government on the referendum question and proposed constitutional changes for a second time next week.

Mr Albanese said his door was always open and he wanted "as broad agreement" as possible on the issue.

"This is a reform that should be above party politics. It has been for state and territory governments," he said.

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