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‘Yes’ vote for Voice ahead in every state and territory - poll

Callan Morse -

The largest poll conducted so far on the upcoming Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum has indicated the 'yes' campaign leads in every state and territory.

The YouGov poll surveyed more than 15,000 people nationwide in March and reported the majority are in support of a constitutionally enshrined Indigenous Voice to federal parliament, and in favour of recognising Indigenous people in Australia's constitution.

The poll found 51 per cent of those surveyed across the nation back a 'yes' vote while 34 per cent said they would vote 'no' and 15 per cent remain undecided.

The poll also indicates the critical double majority benchmark, with four of the six states showing majority support for the Voice.

The Australian Capital Territory recorded the highest 'yes' vote of any jurisdiction, with 64 per cent of respondents in favour of a constitutionally enshrined voice.

The majority of respondents in Victoria, New South Wales, the Northern Territory, South Australia and Tasmania also indicated they would vote 'yes' in the upcoming Voice referendum.

The 'yes' vote in Victoria reached 53 per cent with the 'no' voters making up 31 per cent of the state.


National supprt for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament sits at 51 per cent according to YouGov figures.

National support for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament sits at 51 per cent according to YouGov figures. (Image: The Sydney Morning Herald)


New South Wales recorded 52 per cent of respondents indicating a 'yes' vote with 32 per cent 'no'.

In the Northern Territory, 52 per cent said 'yes' vote with 32 per cent 'no'.

South Australian 'yes' voters made up 51 per cent of the overall vote, with 34 per cent in the 'no' camp.

The 'yes' vote was preferred by 50 per cent of Tasmanian respondents, with 35 per cent polled indicating 'no'.

Queensland and Western Australia were the only two jurisdictions where the 'yes' vote failed to reach fifty per cent, but remained the most popular outcome.

In Queensland the 'yes' vote reached 47 per cent , with a nation-high 40 per cent of respondents indicating they are against the Voice.


According to YouGov poll results, the Voice is most supported in the ACT, with 64 per cent of poll respondents in favour of an Indigenous Voice to parliament. (Image: The Sydney Morning Herald)


Those polled in Western Australia saw 48 per cent in favour of the Voice, with 37 per cent against.

Levels of undecided voters ranged between 12 per cent and 16 per cent nationwide.

Those polled were not forced to choose a side, meaning it was unknown where undecided voters could fall.

Referendum advocate Professor Megan Davis said the results suggested Australia is "ready to accept the invitation of the Voice".

"Our message is connecting," she said. "We're going to keep going, talking about the difference this will make to improve the lives of First Nation people across the country right up until referendum day."

The polling was conducted between March 1 and 21, before the Prime Minister announced the wording of the Voice referendum question and before then federal shadow minister for Indigenous Australian Julian Leeser resigned from shadow cabinet.

The Indigenous Voice to parliament referendum will be held between October and December this year.

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