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Ikuntji Artists announced as 2024 National Designer Award finalist
Striving to celebrate Australia’s top-performing emerging designers, the National Designer Award is returning for yet another ye...
Phoebe Blogg 15 Feb 2024
Ikuntji Artists collaborate with ZHIVAGO for BARKAA’s custom-designed red carpet suit
Stepping onto the red carpet wearing one of Australia’s most successful First Nations art centres, last night celebrated Austral...
Phoebe Blogg 16 Nov 2023
Ikuntji Artist Keturah Zimran awarded for her service to the visual arts
Celebrated as an accomplished Indigenous artist and inspirational leader in her community, Keturah Zimran was last week acknowle...
Phoebe Blogg 9 Oct 2023
Ikuntji Artists become first art centre to present at New Zealand Fashion Week
*A warning to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that the following article contains the name of a deceased person. W...
Phoebe Blogg 31 Aug 2023
Ikuntji show receives standing ovation at Australian Fashion Week
In an Australian Fashion Week first, Ikuntji Artists travelled from the remote town of Haasts Bluff to become the first Aborigin...
Emma Ruben 18 May 2023
Aboriginal art centre to be the first to present a solo show at Australian Fashion Week

In 2022 they had their designs showcased on the cover of Vogue. In 2023, they'll have their own show at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week. Aboriginal art centre, Ikuntji Artists, l...

Emma Ruben Apr 25, 2023
The touching legacy behind Vogue Australia's brilliant First Nations cover

While the industry celebrates First Nations culture in the lead up to Australian Fashion Week, a remote Northern Territory art centre has kept the work of one Indigenous artist ali...

Jarred Cross May 4, 2022
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