Author Josie Wowolla Boyle has a gift for making stories strike a nerve in the hearts of all. Her new children’s book Bubbay’s desert adventure takes the reader on a desert journey filled with guidance, encouragement and love.

In the book Boyle clarifies what adults seem to complicate; the need we all have for a family no matter how capable we are.

Bubbay is a young boy living in the desert by himself, and upon the appearance of a star he is able to listen to his ancestor (magical grandma Gubarlee) guides him and helps him complete a series of tasks. The reward at the end? Family.

Positive reinforcement is a common theme throughout the book, with phrases like ‘It’s alright, my boy, and ‘Don’t worry, my boy’ providing a calmness within the book. Exactly what is sometimes needed to quiet excitable children.

Bubbay’s desert adventure subtly highlights Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the human desire for love and connection.

Ngarabul woman, Fern Martins, has illustrated the story with soft yet colourful images, engaging children with the pages as they point out the stars, rainbows and, most importantly, “GOATS” (often screamed loudly by listeners to the book).

Martins has developed her skills from years of painting, printmaking and sculpting. Her talent is seen particularly in the finest details, such as the aura coming from Bubbay when he speaks to the star.

Inside the book, illustrations cover the pages. Photo by Caris Duncan.

Author Josie Wowolla Boyle, a Wonghi woman from WA, is a talented writer and allows children to be drawn into the story and feel the excitement of each part of the adventure.

Born and raised in Mount Margaret, Boyle is an acclaimed storyteller and, using song and story, has educated many on Wongatha heritage.

This book is no exception to her storytelling ability, the book takes readers on a young boy’s journey to have his wish of a family come true.

Encouraging children can often be hard to communicate, but storytelling can help to inspire children to see beyond what they have now, and show them what they can have if they keep trying.

Bubbay’s desert adventure indirectly broadens the experience of children and is a must have for any library.

You can find Bubbay’s desert adventure online through Magabala Books.

By Caris Duncan