Australia slapped with F minus for zero progress in Indigenous affairs

Aboriginal heritage, photo by Michael Coghlan, 2012, used under creative commons license CC BY-SA 2.0.

Australia has been given an F minus for its performance in Indigenous affairs in 2018.

The assessment in the Australian Lawyers for Human Rights 2018 Human Rights Report Card released this week is unchanged from 2017.

Australia flunked because there has been no progress towards reconciliation, civil, political, economic, social or cultural rights, the report said.

It also found Australia had failed to improve in other key areas such as with refugees and asylum seekers (also an F) and rights for the disabled (a D).

As a nation, we cant seem to move favourably in ensuring basic human rights are established and protected for all Australians equally,ALHR president Kerry Weste said.

Considering Australia has sat on the United Nations Human Rights Council for a year now, our human rights situation is something we must address swiftly and comprehensively.

The report said 2018 was punctuated with failures to redress the rights of Indigenous Australians — a situation highlighted by the decision to allocate almost $50m in funding to commemorate 250 years of colonisation.

The federal budget had also not delivered for Indigenous Australia, it said.

There was no mention in the 2018-19 Federal Budget of important areas such as justice, family violence, Closing the Gap and child protection, but there were major cuts to remote housing,it said.

There was no meaningful progress toward Constitutional Recognition and a voice to parliament. All of these issues are interlinked, and the nation has reached a crisis point.

When it came to overall human rights, the organisation said Western Australia had slipped from a B rating to a C, South Australia and Tasmania remained on a D and the NT was still being assessed.

New South Wales improved from an E plus to a D, Victoria was steady on a C and Queensland climbed from a C minus to a B plus.

By Wendy Caccetta

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9 Comments on Australia slapped with F minus for zero progress in Indigenous affairs

  1. Wow an F minus that has to be the world’s biggest joke right. How much money has the white Australian government throwing at least people and what are we getting returned nothing but more racist Leslie marks they have more national days and holidays then the rest of us Australians so do the indigenous community I say this to you either put up or shut up

    • L, could you write this again with complete sentences. As it is, it is non understandable. Most run on sentence I have seen in many a year.

    • Well okay then “L”, how’s this for a bigger joke? The WHITE “notgovernment” of this country throws the taxpayers money not at indigenous Australian initiatives but at their own very poorly thought out “solutions” and their accompanying WHITE bulging bureaucracies filled with people who divert money into their cronies pockets for “services” that don’t perform and have no accountability. They fail to legislate to protect intellectual and cultural property and continue to deny the theft of country and genocide. They WHITEWASH history and deny they are they are doing it. They hide behind so called programs to “close the gap”. They prosecute and incarcerate even if the person doesn’t understand the language used against them, and is therefore unable to defend themselves. When something is said, for instance the uluru statement, it is ignored, not even considered, no discussion, nothing. I could go on and on, but I have a feeling you have a short attention span, you can’t even spell check your post.

      • Your post sounds about right to me – I’ve worked in the ‘Industry’ for many years and the problem is self-perpetuating. (Too many vested interests working towards a no-solution outcome)

    • Responding to L, As you have pointed out the WHITE Australian government or you could say immigrants that are in the Australian government but what you have pointed out is that the government has no vested interest in Aboriginal development, Aboriginal culture and has been put on notice on the world stage. We taught the South Africans apartheid which was adopted from the Queensland government at that time. If you are interested in what goes wrong do your own research because other wise you are a part of the herd that believe the government when it comes to Aboriginal issues.

  2. L – where is the evidence? Non-Indigenous people actually benefit the most from what may be construed as Indigenous programs. Very little is directed to Indigenous people.

  3. Without attacking anyone on a personal level, it is terribly disappointing to see the same old diatribe from people like ‘L’ that obviously have absolutely no understanding of the political, social and economic disparities that still exist for many First Nations Peoples. Not even to mention the historical racist policies that have caused these situations through inter generational trauma.

  4. Oh and PS…there is something really quite telling in the line ‘L’ uses, “white Australian government.” That pretty much says it all.

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