A respected community health service and Indigenous Hip Hop Projects have joined forces to produce a powerful music video aimed at stopping domestic violence.

The video clip features Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and teenagers. It spells out that violence against women is not acceptable.

The video was produced by ATSICHS Brisbane and IHHP in response to deep concerns about the cycle of domestic violence.

ATSICHS, which formally began operations in 1973 as the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service, and IHHP will will launch the video on Friday (November 25).

The launch will take place at Queensland’s Parliament House as part of a roundtable conference on violence against Indigenous women.

The two groups worked with young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and teenagers up to the age of 18 in Brisbane.

The video gives expression to the importance of healthy relationships and the dangers of domestic violence.

ATSICHS and IHHP hope the video message reaches other young Indigenous people and their families in the Brisbane region and throughout south-east Queensland.

The video was such a success the two groups are developing a campaign around the slogan: We say no more.

The campaign profiles  the stand young Indigenous people are taking and gives the wider community an opportunity to join their stand.