WA Police honour Aboriginal service with special medal

The WA Police Aboriginal Service Medal recognises the commitment and service of WA Police Indigenous employees.
The WA Police Aboriginal Service Medal recognises the commitment and service of WA Police Indigenous employees. Photo supplied by WA Police.

WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson has been making big moves in the reconciliation space with the launch of WA Police’s first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Built on the foundation of Relationships, Respect, Opportunities, and Governance and Reporting, the WA Police RAP outlines a vision to “move forward to a united future with Aboriginal people and work towards ensuring equality, justice and well-being.”

The WA Police’s plan includes promoting Indigenous culture by permanently flying the Aboriginal flag outside every police facility in the state—a move which Commissioner Dawson says is symbolic of WA Police’s commitment to reconciliation.

The Aboriginal Service Medal was also introduced in the RAP, with the inaugural awards taking place during Reconciliation Week.

Past and present Indigenous members of the WA Police were recognised at the awards ceremony, with a total of 51 people receiving the Aboriginal Service Medal.

Commissioner Dawson said in a statement that this medal is an important step toward reconciliation between Indigenous Australians and the Police.

“The WA Police Force Aboriginal Service Medal gives tangible recognition to their service, both past and present, and demonstrates a commitment to improving relationships and fostering meaningful, positive change for future generations,” Commissioner Dawson said.

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  1. I believe the Aboriginal Service Medal is something that should be offered to all Indigenous Police Employees Nation-wide. The W.A Police Service is the 1st and the ONLY POLICE Service / Force that has made an effort toward reconciliation between the Aus Govt and Indigenous Australians, as far as issuing a service medal of this kind. The medal signifies recognition of the sacrifice an Aboriginal person makes, when becoming a Police Officer, which can have an affect on not only them, but their family, due to the history between Indigenous Aus and the Police within their communities.

    I believe the medal gives an Aboriginal Police Officer a sense of pride and signifies what they stand for and who came before them, along with the challenges they are faced with and what challenges they have had to overcome to be a Police Officer.

    I congratulate W.A Police and their Govt for what they have done and only hope that the rest of Australia follow suit, as it is a great initiative and a way forward, breaking the chains.

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