Vowles dumped as NT minister, the gov to announce successor in Jan

Ken Vowles.

The Northern Territory government will make a decision about a new Aboriginal Affairs Minister in late January, a spokesperson said.

Indigenous MP Ken Vowles held the job for just six months when he was stripped of the portfolio before Christmas for speaking out about the NT Labor government’s handling of the Territory’s ailing economy.

He was also dumped from the Labor caucus along with assistant minister Jeff Collins and backbencher Scott McConnell.

NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner said the three had broken caucus values and standards, but Mr Vowles described the move as a “bloody disgrace” and a “sad day for politics”.

Since Mr Vowles’ removal, NT Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison has been filling in as acting Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.

“A decision regarding a new minister will be made in late January,” a NT government spokesperson said Monday.

Mr Vowles, a well-known former NT cricketer who holds the seat of Johnston, was sworn in as NT Minister for Aboriginal Affairs in June in a cabinet reshuffle.

He also held the portfolios of Primary Industry and Resources and the Arafura Games.

He could not be reached for comment Monday.

A NT Treasury report released last month (December) said the Territory was on a “debt and deficit trajectory which is unsustainable”.

“In 2018-19, the Territory is forecast to spend over $1.5 billion, or $4 million a day more than the revenue it collects, and is borrowing to meet the shortfall,” the report said.

“If Territory Government spending continues to grow as it has in the past, the Territorys net debt is projected to increase tenfold from $3.0 billion in 2017-18 to $35.7 billion by 202930, with the net debt to revenue ratio increasing to around 320 per cent and the annual interest bill rising to almost $2 billion.

“Such an outcome would have severe economic consequences for Territorians.”

By Wendy Caccetta

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2 Comments on Vowles dumped as NT minister, the gov to announce successor in Jan

  1. Dear Sir/Madams
    yes we should now screaming for a royal commission into indigenous affairs full stop in the NT, law council gives a big F on governments response to indigenous affairs across Australia says enough doesn’t it. Now former CLP minister elfrink wants us to jump to his stupid idea to merge with SA sounds like a cucumber in parliament, its ridiculous how can ALP in NT and Liberal government in SA merge sounds cute, its a joke and not even April fools day, we tried to have statehood up here but ALP and CLP mischievous hiding indigenous affairs funding for over years of self government to prop up their next election campaigns and fund the northern suburbs of Darwin whee the majority population live, not where our brothers and sister live in such appalling disadvantaged state of affairs. Australia and the NT should be ashamed.

    Where are the so called indigenous leaders that are highly paid on over $100k in government and indigenous corporation jobs funded by the federal government and mostly statutory organizations to make decision for us now? all under the rock? oop’s they went to the rock for constitution overhaul but could not succeed, too many power head freaks at the helm.

    Come out please we need you to come out swinging with your gloves on!
    or shall we hire the magnificent seven 7 again the blast from the past?

  2. The CLP and Labor governing for the corporations, not the people. So sad to see the festering sore that is the Inpex gas plant, on what was until recently, a fairly pristine harbour. Unlike the first plant, they didn’t even try to hide this second plant…Inpex has proved to be a con- a flurry of fifo workers and 457 visa holders, huge money bandied about, people in the know profiting from real estate, lucrative contracts….then CRASH- all over red rover and we have an industrialised harbour and debt. Fracking will see the same results- the environment trashed, a few well placed people in the know will profit and the rest of the NT will get a toxic legacy…….and more debt. Both CLP and Labor have consistently failed Aboriginal Territorians- the CLP have been criminal in their neglect. Consistently racist, genocidal and entitled, many ex CLP politicians should be in jail.

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