Sixteen Indigenous dancers soon en route to Big Apple

Joshua Pether in Jupiter Orbiting. Photo by Adele Wilkes

Some of Australia’s most talented First Nations dancers and performers are heading to New York.

Sixteen artists will join those from the United States and Canada in an eight-day celebration of Indigenous performance, talk, workshops and ceremony in the Big Apple.

The First Nations Dialogues Lenapehoking/New York will include shows and events at live performance venues across New York City from January 5 to 12.

Those taking part will include Paola Balla, Ngioka Bunda-Heath, Genevieve Grieves, Thomas E. S. Kelly, Kamahi King, Pauline Lampton, Erica McCalman, SJ Norman, Katina Olsen, Rita Pryce, Joshua Pether, Mariaa Randall, Taree Sansbury, Merindi Schreiber, Carly Sheppard and Kate ten Buuren.

They have been supported by Blak Dance, Australia’s peak body for Indigenous dance, which has been involved in making sure Australian First Nations’ dance is well represented.

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