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Roebourne Regional Prison cells still without air-conditioning in extreme heat
Inmates in Roebourne regional prison are still in cells without air conditioning in extreme heat, the Aboriginal Legal Service o...
Giovanni Torre 5 Feb 2024
Report from major international rights group condemns high rate of Indigenous incarceration and deaths in custody in Australia
A major international human rights group has slammed Australian governments, state and federal, for their failure to uphold the...
Giovanni Torre 13 Jan 2023
Health services "unfit", prisoners waiting in an outdoor cage, air conditioning delayed until 2024 - new report exposes Roebourne Prison
The latest inspection of Roebourne Regional Prison has raised concerns about "chronic" staff shortages, the long delay in instal...
Giovanni Torre 22 Dec 2022
Air conditioning to be expanded in Roebourne Regional Prison
After months of insisting their windsails were sufficient, the Western Australian government has agreed to fund a $10 million ai...
Joseph Guenzler 24 Nov 2022
It is 2022 and stray animals get aircon while Indigenous prisoners cook in Australia's hottest jail
Sooner or later a prisoner is going to literally cook to death in Roebourne Regional Prison and there will be no one to blame bu...
Zak Kirkup 4 Nov 2022
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