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'There need to be consequences for actions' : Legal groups condemn NSW police after guilty officer keeps job
Legal groups in NSW say they are concerned a police officer found guilty of assaulting an Indigenous teenager is still employed...
Dechlan Brennan 22 Feb 2024
NSW premier claims police not to blame for Indigenous incarceration
The New South Wales Premier has defended the way police have interacted with young Indigenous people, despite a number of scathi...
Dechlan Brennan 28 Dec 2023
Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT calls for urgent action on police violating right to silence
The Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) has called for urgent action by NSW Police and Attorney General in the wake of an indepen...
Dechlan Brennan 13 Dec 2023
Redfern Legal Centre lawyer calls for systematic reform of NSW Police following Operation Mantus report
The plain clothed officer who tackled a 14-year-old First Nations child to the ground, causing them to sustain serious head inju...
Dechlan Brennan 13 Dec 2023
Closing the Gap targets would lead to “competing duties": NSW Police Commissioner
A new report from the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) has highlighted the need for the NSW police to do more to reduce...
Dechlan Brennan 25 Oct 2023
Data shows NSW police use force against Indigenous people at “vastly disproportionate rate”

New South Wales police used force toward Aboriginal people at a vastly disproportionate rate compared to non-Indigenous people, new data has shown.  The internal police data, obta...

Dechlan Brennan Aug 1, 2023
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