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Fracking at Beetaloo Basin given green light despite opposition
A crucial disallowance vote to prevent fracking in the Northern Territory has fa...
Sarah Smit 30 Aug 2021
NT Aboriginal Justice Agreement must 'give back power and autonomy to Aboriginal people'
The Northern Territory Government launched a wide-ranging plan to reduce high ra...
Giovanni Torre 20 Aug 2021
Fracking inquiry for Beetaloo Basin
The Senate has passed a motion to establish a parliamentary inquiry into the fr...
Rachael Knowles 25 Jun 2021
Woolworths returns liquor licence for Darwin Dan Murphy's
Plans for a Darwin Dan Murphy’s within walking distance of dry Aboriginal commu...
Sarah Smit 22 Jun 2021
NT Attorney-General Selena Uibo 'not waiting for an apology' from Lidia Thorpe
The Northern Territory Attorney-General has hit back at Greens Senator Lidia Tho...
Rachael Knowles 27 May 2021
NT youth bail laws pass despite opposition

Controversial new youth bail laws have passed through the Northern Territory Par...

Sarah Smit May 14, 2021
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