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Queensland Police First Nations Advisory Group: "no response" from government over open letter
The Queensland Police Service (QPS) First Nations Advisory Group has followed up...
Dechlan Brennan 27 Nov 2023
QPS First Nations Advisory Group calls for more action against Police Union boss
An open letter from the Queensland Police Service (QPS) First Nations advisory g...
Dechlan Brennan 13 Nov 2023
Queensland Indigenous police officers quit union, call for change after president's comments on Treaty and Truth
Indigenous Police Liaison Officers in Queensland are calling on the state's Poli...
Giovanni Torre 10 Nov 2023
"Blatantly racist" : More than 30 community leaders call on Police Union president to resign
Calls for the Queensland Police Union president to resign have grown, with a let...
Dechlan Brennan 28 Oct 2023
"Reprehensible": Human Rights Commissioner slams Qld Police Union President's treaty claims
Queensland's Human Rights Commissioner has criticised comments from the state’s...
Dechlan Brennan 26 Oct 2023
Police Union President slammed for factually wrong comments

Queensland’s minister for Indigenous partnerships has slammed the head of the st...

Dechlan Brennan Oct 25, 2023
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