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   Dianne Bortoletto   

New Red Centre Tour becomes biggest local Indigenous employer and trainer
Hailing from Alice Springs, Aboriginal-owned and operated 100% Finke River Culture & Adventure has launched a new cultural immer...
Dianne Bortoletto 27 Feb 2024
Evolve Communities wins at national 2024 Telstra Best of Business Awards
Building a better Australia based on kindness is at the heart of Evolve Communities, the winner of the national 2024 Telstra Bes...
Dianne Bortoletto 26 Feb 2024
13 YARN, by Indigenous people, for Indigenous people
At the end of triggering or distressing media reports, “13YARN 13 92 76” is often provided. Established in April 2022, 13 YARN...
Dianne Bortoletto 13 Feb 2024
Top Sydney restaurants take on Gadigal Summer Program graduates
Rockpool, Aria and Icebergs are just some of Sydney’s top restaurants to offer work to graduates of the 2024 Gadigal Summer prog...
Dianne Bortoletto 13 Feb 2024
Pandemic the catalyst for Yaye
COVID-19 was the demise of many businesses, but in Melissa Cole’s case, it was the catalyst for Yaye. Ms Cole said that constan...
Dianne Bortoletto 6 Feb 2024
Eclipse legacy sees Jamba Nyinayi Festival return to Nyinggulu/Ningaloo
In April 2023, 62 seconds of totality drew 22,000 people to Western Australia’s Coral Coast to view the rare Total Solar Eclipse...
Dianne Bortoletto 21 Dec 2023
Ancient Lands Experience officially opens at Ngilgi Cave
A new $3.6 million Ancient Lands Experience has opened at Ngilgi Cave, situated on the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge in Yallingup, i...
Dianne Bortoletto 29 Nov 2023
Noongar Artist Peter Farmer collaborates with Coldplay on t-shirt design
Sometimes it pays off to slide into DMs of a band as Sandra Tricoli from Savvy Creations can attest. Reaching out to Coldplay b...
Dianne Bortoletto 24 Nov 2023
Ngurrangga Tours wins prestigious tourism award
Ngurrangga Tours has taken the prestigious the Sir David Brand Award for Excellence in Tourism, and a gold award in the category...
Dianne Bortoletto 14 Nov 2023
Learning from the past to create the Australian design movement of the future
Thirty-year-old Leah Paige Bennet is a proud Wujari Noongar woman with family ties to Ravensthorpe, ties she only discovered whe...
Dianne Bortoletto 6 Nov 2023