DATE: Friday 9 August 2019
TIME: 10:00 am to 5:00pm (Registration at 9.00 am)
VENUE: Wanangkura Stadium 24/7 Hamilton Road, South Hedland, WA 6722
A meeting is being convened for all members of the Nyamal #1 and Nyamal #10 native title claim groups, Federal Court proceedings WAD 20/2019 (formerly WAD 6028/1998) and WAD 26/2019 (formerly WAD 6003/2000) to Authorise a consent determination over the below area:

All descendants of the following apical ancestors: Ngurrpangu/Sally, Yirlkurani/William Ball, Jarlapangu/Billy Ball, Minparingu/ Daisy McColl, Wijiringu/Joey, Ngamalykarinya/Eginbah Murphy, Kutjikurtapa/Fred Mitchell, Pularmu/Albert, Martuwataranu/ Maryanne, Minjikarli/Jimmy Woodman, Pularjiyi, Putangaja, Mikarnipirti, Mayinkapirti, Walykanpangu, Kujari/Jenkins, Ngamalangu/Nellie, Kalpimarra, Yirapinya, Warnangykuranya/Tommy, Yatawaranu/Yarriwawurru/Dinah, Goondy/Goondanee, Pilunjuji, Nyantipunu, Paddy Bung Bong, Amy Mirabung, Old Maybai, Mary (mother of Stella Ball), Minnie (mother of Allen Mitchell), Punkarli (mother of Alice Mitchell), Winturu, Susan Pontroy, Martin Pontroy, and Jack Pontroy or are adopted by such biological descendants in accordance with the traditional laws acknowledged and the traditional customs observed by the Nyamal People; and Identify themselves as Nyamal under traditional law and custom and are so identified by other Nyamal People as Nyamal.

1. Authorisation of the Applicant:
a. For the Nyamal #1 claim, authorise the current applicant namely: Kevin Allen, Willie Jumbo, Tony Taylor, Jean Walker, Alice Mitchell to continue to be the applicant until the consent determination.
b. For the Nyamal #10 claim authorise Doris Eaton and Alice Mitchell to continue to be the applicant until the consent determination.
c. In necessary, if either of the above claim groups do not authorise the existing applicant, the respective claim group to authorise a new applicant.
2. For the claim group members of Nyamal #1 claim and Nyamal #10 claim to consent to the description of the claim group to be amended to include the list of Apicals above for the consent determination.
3. To consider and endorse the section 87A agreement and consent determination orders proposed for filing in the Nyamal Native Title Claims.
4. To confirm the nomination of the Nyamal Aboriginal Corporation ICN 8770 as the Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) and to hold the Nyamal People’s native title rights and interests.
5. To authorise the PBC entering into ILUAs with Pastoral Lease holders in the determination area.
For more information call the Njamal People’s Trust office on (08) 9173 1500 or Arma Legal on (08) 9192 8782 on or before Friday 26 July 2019