SPONSORED: MADALAH would like to announce their new official MADALAH Ambassador, Jordin Payne.

Jordin is a proud Nimanburr woman and Traditional Owner from Broome, Western Australia with ancestral ties to Yawuru, Djugun, Nyul Nyul and Bardi families in the mid-Dampier Peninsula.

She is passionate about combatting issues created by colonial trauma and is working towards a future where the next generation don’t have to choose between culture and education or work.

As a sociologist, Jordin’s skills enable her to explore how changes in the structure of society, the material world, the economy, and cultural systems influence us as members of society.

Throughout her experience, she has worked on projects and events that require critical thinking, social research, policy analysis, and project evaluation that are crucial for strategy and evaluations of programs and communications.

The MADALAH team with their new Ambassador, Jordin Payne. Photo by Hannah Cross.

MADALAH believes that Jordin’s passion, experience, skills and professionalism makes her the perfect choice for the role.

Based in the Broome region, Jordin will provide support to our Broome Employment and Education Housing Program team and represent the MADALAH brand in the Kimberley region.

Jordin is a relatable, strong role model for all of our students and an influential member of the community—we can’t wait to start working with her!