SPONSORED: The MADALAH office has been treated to a makeover this week by incredibly talented artists Jade Dolman and Rory Charles.

They have converted a once bland office wall into a stunning mural. This comes at the perfect time and has been uplifting for the team after a recent break-in.

Jade is an acclaimed artist who has done many murals around Perth, both in public spaces and privately for companies, too. Rory is one of our current secondary students who has donated tremendous artwork to MADALAH to auction off earlier this year, recently featured in prestigious catalogues, and also won a 2020 NAIDOC Perth Award.

This is not the first time Jade and Rory have painted together; the two have worked on multiple murals previously, the latest being the Maylands Station underpass a few months ago. However, this is their first collaboration where they have shared in the design process and execution from start to finish.

We asked Jade and Rory to represent our 366 students and they did not disappoint; the art symbolises our students going on the journey to our partner schools.

They have completely upgraded our office with this stunning art piece and we are privileged to have had Jade and Rory transform our wall into this perfect representation of the MADALAH Family.

Rory Charles and Jade Dolman. Photo supplied.

Explaining the meaning behind the art, Rory said it’s about “connections and all the different regions in WA that MADALAH supports students from”.

“We added something native from each region and because I’m from the Kimberley I also painted the different Wandjinas of the Kimberley,” he said.

Rory is always prepared to help MADALAH out when asked.

“I think it’s cool to give back to MADALAH, they’ve helped me a lot so it’s good to help them in return.”

Jade explained the meaning of the different colours and intricate designs.

“The blue represents the Beelier which is the river that runs through all our land, the red is the Boodjar which is our Country, and the bottom design is the students travelling away from home and creating new connections on Noongar Boodjar,” she said.

“The tiny blue dots represent each of the 366 students who travel from all over WA; Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne/Mid West, Goldfields and Noongar Nation to meet on this Boodjar.”

We would like to thank Jade and Rory for their hard work and stunning design!