Nyikina Mangala Traditional Owners are being supported by Kimberley Land Council (KLC) in their fight to restore the land on Yakka Munga Station.

KLC welcomed the WA Government’s decision ordering the rehabilitation of Yakka Munga Station after land was illegally cleared by Shanghai Zenith, a branch of Chinese-owned conglomerate Shanghai CRED, in June this year.

KLC Deputy CEO Tyronne Garstone said Traditional Owners have proved that “anyone can stand up to big business” and that the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 is flawed.

“We are still at a loss as to how such destruction could have occurred when there is an Aboriginal Heritage Act that is meant to protect the cultural values of Traditional Owners,” Mr Garstone said.

“The Aboriginal Heritage Act has failed the Nyikina Mangala people and it is vitally important that this is taken into account as the government looks to overhaul this ineffective piece of legislation.”

Since news of rehabilitating the land, Traditional Owner Rosita Shaw has remained steadfast that the land must undergo a heritage survey.

NIT understands the survey has begun but has since been shelved by the WA Government.

By Hannah Cross