Out goes the call, echoing across the Pilbara, the iconic Karijini Experience is searching for performers for its seventh-year celebration.

Returning in 2020, the festival celebrates the vibrant, warm and rich culture that lives within Western Australia’s Pilbara region and the Banjima community.

Over 180 performers came together in 2019, including Noongar singer-songwriter Gina Williams.

“It makes you feel so incredibly privileged to be there, and you can’t help but perform on those sites without a deep sense of reverence for the country and its custodians who very generously invite you to come and experience their world,” Ms Williams told The Nintirri Centre, hosts of the Karijini Experience.

“There’s no noise from cars or planes or other human elements and when you allow yourself to be present in that and to turn off, you realise that what you are hearing and not hearing is exactly what people would have heard and not heard in those times.”

“It is the stillness and calmness that almost radiates from the place.”

Ms Williams is one of many First Nations artists to perform at the Karijini Experience.

The festival has hosted names such as Archie Roach, Dan Sultan, Deborah Cheetham, The Pigram Brothers, chef Mark Olive and didgeridoo virtuoso Mark Atkins.

The Nintirri Centre in Tom Price is now calling for expressions of interest for 2020.

The Nintirri Centre Event Manager, Sonia Powell, said that the festival is unlike any other experience and hopes to extend the opportunity to First Nations artists to perform.

“It is a quality event. We bring people together to connect on country, to create communities,” Ms Powell said.

“Our aim has always been to provide a stage for our up and coming Aboriginal artists. We bring in the big names so that they can show generations coming through.”

“We also aim to create a community. Beyond the festival, we have the Red Room – the space where we accommodate everyone. The connection and the collaboration that happens in this place is insane … The opportunities for performers to work with other like-minded performers.”

“We are really interested in local talent from the Pilbara or Kimberley. There are so many Aboriginal people out there with so many amazing talents, but they may not have the confidence or the ability to contact us.”

The Karijini Experience will return in 2020 from April 14 to 18.

For more information or expressions of interests: https://www.karijiniexperience.com/contact.

By Rachael Knowles