Producer, MC and vocalist Jimblah has dropped a new track in response to racism in the AFL and beyond.

Titled Lean On Me, the song features former AFL great Marlon Motlop.

While Jimblah says he was inspired to write the track after the racism incident involving former Adelaide captain Taylor Walker, he is encouraging listeners to read the lyrics and take note that the song “isn’t just about racism in the AFL or Taylor Walker — it’s about something far bigger”.

“The weight on our shoulders is immense, yet when it comes to addressing issues such as these, it often becomes our burden to bear alone,” said Jimblah.

“It shouldn’t be this way.”

Track art for Lean On Me. Photo supplied.

“As we continue to go about our business and yet again normalise racist behaviour as if it’s all so innocent and can indeed go both ways, many fail to see that these moments — they do not stand alone,” he said.

“They are a part of a legacy. A legacy we collectively choose not to disrupt, but rather uphold — because it’s more comfortable to do so.”

The artist also highlighted the issues and pressures that face Blak men and spoke about how he wrote the song to honour them.

“The target placed upon our Brothers is unique, and that’s not to try and take anything away from precious Sisters and Trans Family at all, but it’s important we acknowledge that,” he said.

“Otherwise, we end up treating our Brothers as if they don’t have the capacity to see and respond to their reality, as if they aren’t worthy of their grace, as if they don’t have merit or purpose.”

“When I was writing this song, I was writing for all our Peoples, but in particular for my Brothers.”

“I see you, what you go through, I acknowledge your reality, I won’t ever try to deny you of that.

“I accept your truth, no matter how hard it is for the rest to confront, and most of all — I’m here to stand with you, in solidarity, as we commit to doing better by ourselves so we may do better by our community.”

You can find Lean On Me on BLKMPIRE’s YouTube or Jimblah’s Facebook.

By Teisha Cloos