Strong interest in the co-design process for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament and a delay in the public submission deadline will not stop the final report from being delivered on time, the National Indigenous Australians Agency said.

After 6,200 people took part in the feedback process which resulted in more than 2,000 submissions, 973 survey responses, and more than 1350 attendees at community consultation sessions, the NIAA decided to extend the submission deadline.

“The time frame was extended following strong interest in the submission process, allowing people to provide submissions throughout April alongside the surveys and community consultations, which continue through to early May,” an NIAA spokesperson said.

The current models under consideration would not be constitutionally enshrined, despite strong public support for constitutional protection.

The co-design groups are on track to refine the proposals, which do not include a veto power, based on consultation feedback and will present a final report to the Government about the middle of the year.

Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt said it was important that the voices of all 800,000 Indigenous Australians could be heard.

“The more people that provide their feedback on the Indigenous Voice proposals, the greater chance we have to refine the best possible options and set up structures that enjoy long-term success,” he said.

Summaries of public meetings and copies of submissions made to the co-design groups can be found online at the Indigenous Voice website,

Resources about the proposals are also available online.

By Sarah Smit