Former native title chief must repay Githabul

A former director of Githabul Nation Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC has been convicted of three charges of dishonestly misusing his position to gain a personal advantage, according to the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations.

Trevor John Close was convicted in the Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney on May 17 after pleading guilty to the charges in February.

Magistrate Susan Horan convicted and discharged Close on a $500 12-month good behaviour bond.

Close was ordered to repay $7279.25 to the Githabul Nation.

The charges were brought by the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, in June last year under section 265-25(3)(a) of the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006.

In 2013, Close used the proceeds of sale of a property owned by the Githabul Nation to make three rental payments totalling $7279.25 on his private home in Sydney.

“Native title corporations and their directors are in a very special position of trust in relation to traditional owners — past, current and future,” Mr Beven said.

“It is not acceptable for a director to use native title funds or property for their own personal benefit.

“Directors of corporations, especially those looking after native title, must uphold the highest of standards and always act in the best interests of the corporation and its members.”

On November 29, 2007 the Federal Court made a consent determination recognising the Githabul people’s native title rights and interests over 1120 sq km of national parks and state forests around Kyogle in northern New South Wales.

Githabul Nation was also recognised by the court as the body to represent and hold the native title interests of the Githabul people.

As part of the consent determination, a number of freehold properties were also transferred to Githabul Nation.


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  1. So Anthony Bevan wasted $300,000 of taxpayers money to get Dr Close a National Australian Native Title hero a good behaviour bond

    It seems clearly motivated by jealousy of Dr Close and a total waste of time and government resources on a witch hunt. Dr Close If I remember was the Native Title Claimant who lead and won the claim for his people. You seem to have left this information out of your bias story here.

    Dr Close was never paid once in 15 years service to the Githabul People. This sounds like he was a unpaid slave for his people.

    Now lets divide $7,279 by 15 years of work that he did for the Githabul Corporation he was paid Dr Close $40 AUD per week he had to feed his six children and pay he Sydney rent to keep a roof over his children’s heads did the Githabul People expect Dr Close family to be homeless.

    $40 a week is clearly well below the minium Australian wage for a CEO of a Aboriginal Corporation. I love to see Anthony Bevan live on $40 oer week in Sydney. Shameful case very UnAustralian racist story you sound very jealous Mr Bevan of Dr Close huge success in winning the first Native Title claim in NSW history

    • I personally worked with Dr Close for many years at the NSW State Aboriginal land Council on the Githabul Native Title claim.

      Dr Close Tribal name is Mudargun which means law man. I know for a fact that Dr Close was never paid by his people for 15 long years. Dr Close in fact spent over $5 million Aussie of his own money to pay for all the Native title meetings and the expert court reports.

      Dr Close was always paying for someone funerals or medical expenses the Federal Government could not break this Tribal man.

      I for one cannot wait for the Foxtel movie to come out on Dr Close life story in 2018.

  2. It just seems so bias that Dr Close who fought like a lion to get these stolen Tribal lands back off the white government has to repay back what his family has always traditionally owned. Dr Close had the permission off his family to sell the land.

    The land in question has always belonged to the Close family at Bonalbo for the last 100,000 years not the Githabul Nation which was a white constructed Tribe.

    A Githabul is in fact the dollor bird in the rainforest.

    Dr Close is a International Native Title hero shame on Australia now. Looks like this Nigga was too culturally strong for a white Aussie govt.

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